Rheumatoid factor blood test

I have recently had two rheumatoid factor blood tests (Oct 2014 & Feb 2015). Normal range is 0-14. I tested 41 in Oct and 28 in Feb. I hardly ever show up on blood tests, even when my CFS is raging and I'm really sick. I was shocked when I finally showed up on these RF tests. My doctors don't really know what to make of it, though. The Rheumatologist says I don't have Rhuematoid Arthritis, so they must be "false positives". The Neurologist just told me not to come back to see her (she's given up on me after only 2 appointments). I don't have a doctor that knows anything about CFS. (I do live near Lucinda Bateman, MD, but she only sees new patients every couple of years. I've been on her waiting list since May 2013.)
Has anyone else had a positive RF test? I'm wondering if it has anything to do with CFS (perhaps an indicator of autoimmune process(es) in CFS), or is there another autoimmune process going on. There are a lot of autoimmune diseases in my family. I have most of the symptoms of Sjorgren's, but not any of the antibodies or proteins. My sed rate, ANA, ANNA, etc. are all within normal limits.
Kim D


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At a time when I was having swollen, painful joints, an RF test was negative. In first decade or so of chronic illness, I was under the care of a rheumatologist for awhile, but once he decided I didn't have rheumatoid arthritis, he lost interest. Years later, when I hadn't had swollen joints for a very long time, an RF test was positive. The doctor who had ordered the test (among other tests) didn't comment on the RF test result. More years went by, and a doctor, on first meeting and examining me, remarked on the "drift" in my fingers, a sign of rheumatoid arthritis. I haven't seen a doctor for a long time.

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