Rifaximin + Vancomycin. I'm afraid.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Folk, May 4, 2018.

  1. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    I was prescribed Rifaximin + Vancomycin for my SIBO.

    That'll be the second time I take Rifaximin, the last was 2 years ago with Neomycin. Ok so, there were no problems but also not much improvemenet that time. I felt like i was finally getting good improvement in the end of the treatment like the last 2-3 days (i took it for a month) But then i stopped cause it was already long enough and the effects decreased back to normal.

    Now I'm suposed to take it again, with no SIBO test since I can't get it on my country but based on symptoms.
    And when I took the first time I was kind of desperated, now I'm way better and I fear getting worse or developing some kind of other disease.

    Any experiences, knowledge to share?
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  2. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    I wish I had some crystal ball insights for you. I do know how hard it is to decide on treatment when you have some health to lose, though. It makes every decision seem more difficult. Wishing you the best!
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  3. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    I'm sad this forum is so slow lately, but i'm sure part of it, since when we get a little better we tend to get out hehe
    And no way I would go back to PR. So toxic...

    But the only thing i can think of is I think I'll stop keto before trying the abx... I just don't think keto did anything for me (around 4-5 months in) and i wouldn't want to change diets in the middle of the abx
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  4. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    @Folk, PR has changed hands. I am not trying to drive you away obviously, but many of us are participating there again.
  5. Merida

    Merida Well-Known Member

    Antibiotics certainly are a mixed bag. Eight years ago I did a 2 week course of Levaquin for diverticulitis. Much fatigue lifted, went on a hike. But the numbing fatigue gradually returned. Now, I have joint pain/ problems on Levaquin. ( always wonder about quality of generics) please report how you feel with this combo of antibiotics.

    Do you have any idea why you have SIBO? I know that my ileocecael valve does not close ( observed on colonoscopy) Plus, I have a very slow long, redundant colon that has twists and kinks.

    Cort and Remy have been doing a great job here, as well as regular participants. A few of us have gotten enough better to move on in life (?). I can not speak for others, but I have tried so many protocols etc. that I am just worn out.

    Blessings, everyone, and special thanks to Cort, Remy, and the thoughtful people who are trying to help understand and solve these mysteries.
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