Saakashvili, Georgia's ex-President may be suffering long Covid

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Controversy over Saakashvili’s fate grows as government releases hospital footage

In the fairly dramatic hospital footage which is definitely an invasion of his privacy and dignity, he seems very angry and has bursts of agitation that seem to me like, he can't control them. At one point he is trying to get away from a nurse but he's too weak to stand up, so he slides away awkwardly but forgot he was on a tiny bed and slid on the floor. I was also surprised they let him smoke. And smoke in bed. It could've been electronic. But still not right.

The part of the article that got my attention was the orthostatic hypotension. Taken together with the other symptoms, the muscle wasting and cramps, the cognitive problems, etc. I'd say he got Covid and maybe wasn't even tested, survived it, and now has long Covid. The hypotension might be making the doctors make wrong decisions like giving him blood pressure increasing meds. The most basic of those are just basically adrenaline. He could be having those fits as a side effect.

I hope they get him out of there soon and into, preferably a German or Norway hospital because from what I've heard they've had success with treating such cases. I feel sorry for him, even if he is in jail. Covid hasn't been mentioned at all, in relation to his care. Which is pretty shocking considering we've (the US/UK/Europe) just been through a pandemic. And most of the world is still deeply involved in it.

Not dead yet!

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As a separate issue, what if he has Celiac? The anemia, in that part of the world almost always indicates Celiac, especially in an older person. The chances of Celiac activation increase as a person becomes older and all those symptoms would be present in a person with a new activation of Celiac genetics that lead to the autoimmune disease. No mention of that is made either. We don't know what they ruled out. I lost two years of my life at least before I figured out it was gluten killing me slowly. I spent most of those years in bed. I'm still not OK but I can walk around now. My problem wasn't entirely / only gluten.

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