sensory overload when in room w someone

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    Does anyone else have sensory overload to the point where they have difficulty even being near a family member at home? Is this just my ME/CFS getting worse? My daughter's has been getting worse too. Or is there something else going on as well, neurologically?
    I'm homebound, mostly bedbound, live with working husband and adult daughter. Over recent years, I have gone from being able to sit with one of them, or another family member or two for short periods, or sitting together for dinner, to barely being able to tolerate being in the same room with them at all. During crashes it's worse, I hide in my dark bedroom, wear a sign with Snoopy saying "Don't Talk to Me."
    I identify with Whitney Dafoe... I don't want anyone talking to me (can rarely do a phone call) asking a question, sometimes touching me. Hubby uses headphones for TV, so it's usually quiet. All windows double covered.
    I feel like I'm in a dark prison, cut off. Being unable to go outside for 7 months of the year in Phoenix area makes it all the harder to survive. When we do, it's jet airplanes overhead every 30 seconds. This is not worth it. But I can still talk most of the time if I need to, and I can type now and then, though very hard to be on computer, so I certainly cannot compare myself with Whitney.... :(
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    Wow, Danesh, that sounds very challenging. I'm so sorry you have to go through this.
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