Serious Depression can be triggered by interferon therapy

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In the context of Covid-19 and interferon therapies that are now so fashionable, I thought it was important to talk about the major side effect, which is depression. I was reading up on depression because I can't take SSRIs at all, they cause panic attacks for me among other problems. More than 10 of them have done that, because every doctor has to see for themselves. I've stopped allowing the experiment. But it's interesting that as it becomes more and more of a debunked theory that SSRI is the cure for depression, the answer for the cause seems to be inflammation.

Medical researchers have found that inducing inflammation in certain patients can trigger depression. Interferon alpha, which is sometimes used to treat chronic hepatitis C and other conditions, causes a major inflammatory response throughout the body by flooding the immune system with proteins known as cytokines — molecules that facilitate reactions ranging from mild swelling to septic shock. The sudden influx of inflammatory cytokines leads to appetite loss, fatigue and a slowdown in mental and physical activity — all symptoms of major depression. Patients taking interferon often report feeling suddenly, sometimes severely, depressed.
This can then snowball into harmful tired all the time issues that become decades long patterns. Get a bad flu or Covid that year and lose another two months... overdo the recovery and lose a month... So I guess my point is, if you're offered interferon therapy, ask about what the plan is for the side effects. Make sure your doctor is ready.

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