Singulair for histamine reactions

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I take 10 mgs singular at night but I've been reading that some people are taking much more during the day to help with histamine reactions.

One person said she used it 1/2 hour before gastrocrom which really helped if she was having problems

The last few days I'm having bad histamine reactions. This is the 2nd time it seemed to come out of the blue.

I've upped Zantac and gastrocrom but I wonder about more singulair during these flares

Anyone have any info? @San Diego.

San Diego

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I was just reading about this. Apparently the order of treatment is :

H1 and H2
add mast cell stabilizers (cromolyn and/or ketotifen)
add singular
add chemo agents and/or immune modifiers
give up and see Dr. Kevorkian lol

I had a short window (2 weeks) of being more active once the H1, H2, Cromolyn and ketotifen kicked in, but I’ve slipped back down. Hoping to add Singulair next.

My mast doc explained that Doxepin is a “mop” - as in it not only helps stabilize brain mast cells, but it helps mop up the chemicals they leave behind.

I do well to take Valium before I leave the house and during flares. Turns out it’s a potent stabilizer for the brain mast cells. Who knew!

These out of the blue reactions are scary. Do you have an EpiPen? My last 2 events convinced me I needed one ASAP. They came on fast and furious first thing in am with zero triggers.


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I was excited about the concepts in Never Bet Against Occam since I had a history of allergies all of my life before the diagnosis of CFIDS. I found two local allergists who agreed to test me and two of the tests were negative (as they often are). I reacted to many contact allergens, however, so they decided to try me on low doses of two antihistamines, Singular and Tagamet. After two days, my vision became blurry and double. I went to an optometrist who rushed me to a glaucoma specialist. I had high eye pressure and a narrow angle risk of glaucoma so I had laser surgery to reduce the eye pressure. Everything went fine for the next two visits, but then we took a long flight to visit our daughter who lives in Maui. My left eye started bothering me and my vision deteriorated. My opthalmologist set up an appointment for me with his former partner in Maui. My eye pressure was going up very rapidly so he prescribed some new medicine to prevent the pressure from climbing. By the time we got back to our home, I was seeing double and they sent me for a CAT scan. I have a very rare condition called carotid cavernous fistula. Next week, I see a neuro-radiologist and will need a
procedure that will emobolize the connection between the vein behind my eye and my carotid artery. My advice is to be sure you have had a recent eye check before you try the mast cell treatment as these drugs can trigger glaucoma in vulnerable people. I don't blame the docs or myself for trying this, but it can be risky for some people.
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