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Could you have small fiber neuropathy? Take this test and find out

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    Small Fiber Neuropathy Assessment Tool - Could you have small fiber neuropathy? Take this test and find out

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    Thinking that perhaps this attachment would also "fit" here.

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  3. grizzly

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    So my question is...Who has been screened positive with Small Fiber Neuropathy?

    Who has had a lab test that indicates Small Fiber Neuropathy? i.e. Punch Biopsy test.

    Who has Small Fiber Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia?

    I have tested positive with both unfortunately. Sadly, doctors seem to just shrug their shoulders when I tell them this.
  4. Cort

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    Studies suggest that about 40% of FM patients have SFN. It's not clear how much pain its causing in FM but there are some things doctors can try...
  5. grizzly

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    That's what I though Cort. And there are similar studies in Veterans with GWI to have a higher prevalence of SFN.

    Just thinking out loud. I wonder if positive tests for SFN is more of a positive indicator to FM than the other way around. This is so long as there isn't another underlying cause for the SFN.
  6. ShyestofFlies

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    I have heard frommthe EDS community that there are reports that they too have higher rates of SFN than the general populous.
  7. LindaW

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  8. LindaW

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    I think there is a difference between the deep aches and skin sensitivities that go with small fiber neuropathy and the painful joints some experience, and the deep all-over ache in a limb versus the pain that is a near cramp in one or more specific muscles. I am so, so optimistic that exploring the 'small fiber neuropathy' lone of inquiry is going to be the thing that helps me get better. I am disappointed, though, in the long wait to see a neurologist, and then the information that the skin biopsy may take a month to process!
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  9. Audrey Amir

    Audrey Amir Member

    Is neuropathy- i.e. tingling, numbness, etc, a criteria for having small fiber polyneuropathy or is autonomic dysfunction ( pots, hypotension, poor digestion), fatigue, brain fog, muscle pain adeuqate? I found a local neurologist who does the skin biopsies. I read on one of the posts/articles about autonomic testing. What does this entail- does it have a specific name or do you have a reference that I could look at?
    I know that Dr. Systrom in Boston was looking at this related to exercise- however I am far from Boston and wanted to see what I could do locally. Thank you very much
  10. LindaW

    LindaW New Member

    I did get seen by a specialist in small fiber neuropathy. With my extreme pain in my feet and lesser going up my legs and in my arms, I was sure I had it. However, I tested negative for all of a series of 50+ autoimmune tests, and the ski biopsy, and the neurologist told me what had not been clear from my reading - the pain of small fiber neuropathy is on the skin surface, not deep down to the bone, like mine. Possibly your neurologist could say specifically what autonomic tests could help you.
  11. Audrey Amir

    Audrey Amir Member

    Thank you so much for replying. It is hard to get clear information on these topics that are so new. So I guess from your response it seems that pain is a necessary component. I was inquiring for a sick family member. Her neuropathy- which she had last year has resolved for the most part. However, she still has many symptoms of dysautonomia- which I know small fiber neuropathy can be related. However I was not sure if the pain piece had to also be present.
    Thank you again.