Some Chemicals May Alter Gene Function for Several Generations


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The Environmental Working Group recently reported on research on transgenerational chemical damage.

Groundbreaking research by Mohan Manikkam and Michael Skinner of Washington State University at Pullman helped establish the principle of transgenerational toxicity by showing how toxic chemicals affect subsequent generations that are not directly exposed. In one study, the researchers tested the transgenerational impacts of mixtures of chemicals that people are commonly exposed to in everyday life, including bug repellents, plastics additives and jet fuel. After exposing pregnant rats, they bred three subsequent generations of animals with no exposure to the contaminants.

I haven't read the research by Mohan Manikkam and Michael Skinner and am not qualified to assess it.

EWG's news report links to another short report on the same subject that talks about epigenetics.

Coincidently, in his most recent blog post, Cort Johnson writes about Patrick McGowan's ME/CFS epigenetics research.

The subject of chemical damage particularly interests me because I was exposed to agricultural chemicals throughout my childhood. I have been ill since my teens. My mother was also ill. She grew up on a farm in the US, as I did, and late in her life I asked her about her father's use of pesticides. She said that he'd put on the fields extra DDT "for good measure." I have no way of verifying what we were exposed to and how much and when exactly. All I know is that my family's water source was a shallow well at the edge of a field. Now my thirty-four year old son, who has been unwell for almost a year, has a tentative diagnosis of CFS. In the months preceding the decline in his health he was exposed to at work fumes from an experiment on an adhesive (toxicity unknown), and later a mold test on his apartment building revealed elevated levels in the basement, the source of the air coming into the apartments from the heating and cooling system.


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So sad.............................we are living in such a TOXIC world. Pesticides, heavy metals..........all sorts of toxins ..get stored in the liver and do indeed get passed down from generation to generation.

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