Success treating multiple infections with Chlorine Dioxide

Discussion in 'Others' started by Audrey Walker, Feb 11, 2016.

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    I was on CD/MMS for 8 months last year. I had good improvements as well, just not as good as Audrey's. I went from having difficulty walking on many days to being able to grocery shop, go to the library and go for 15-20 minute walks with my dog. I stopped due to concerns about two lab tests. I'm about to start the CD/MMS again because I've gone downhill since stopping the CD/MMS two months ago. I also am now thinking the lab results may have been caused by something else. At first, I thought it was the CD.

    The two concerning lab results were increased MCV (increased red blood cell size, often caused by B12 deficiency) and seriously tanked estrogen. I now think these were more likely both caused by being on transdermal B12 and transdermal estrogen (am postmenopausal) and that my skin doesn't absorb things well. Previously I'd been on sublingual B12 and oral estrogen.

    So am going back on CD/MMS. As far as antioxidants go, I eat a lot of vegetables and continued to do coffee enemas throughout the 8 months on CD/MMS and i still had improvements. Probably would have improved more without them though...
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    I should mention why I thought CD might have been the culprit of those two bad lab results.

    CD has been found to be effective against malaria. To do this, it enters red blood cells where the malaria organism lives. It damages the red blood cell to get inside it and then kills the malaria organism. So I thought maybe that's why my RBC increased in size (MCV) as a compensation to damage. That's what they do to compensate for lack of B12 also. I'm still wondering about that, but leaning more towards my bad skin absorption theory.

    As far as estrogen is concerned, CD is well known in the water treatment industry to remove estrogens very efficiently. So that's why I thought it might be the CD. But after two months off CD, my estrogen has gotten even lower. So I don't think it's the CD now. I think it's because I'd switched to an estrogen gel. Have now gone back to oral estrogen.

    I'm still wondering about CD's effects on red blood cells and estrogen though. I've wondered why nobody on the CDMMS forums have brought it up or responded to my concerns.
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    Thanks for directing me to your new comments on this older thread of chlorine dioxide. I was glad to read it again. Since chlorine is such a reactive element I am just a little concerned about negative effects.

    I am hoping someone has tried pulsed antibiotic therapy, with some immune support may comment too.

    Of interest my whole problem began with a neck/ pelvis injury in 1998. I have always been the 'structural' person. Thinking if structure is corrected, then wellness may follow. Had a lot of work in this area.

    But now I have turned up positive for multiple chronic infections. What a shock. Porphyria may be the actual cause of Herxing. Check that out.
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    Please note CD is not the same as chlorine. It's why it's popular as a water purifier.
    I have multiple infections too. Does porphyria always come with dark urine?
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    From what I understand porphyria does not always come with dark urine, and the excretion of porphyrins can be sporatic. Looks like porphyria can be secondary to toxins, drugs, and infectious organisms. Porphyrins are neurotoxic. Hope to learn more with more lab tests.
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    @Audrey Walker nice story, well done!

    Have you used the Parasite Protocol as well from the book ? I am interested to know if you took the synthetic drugs or some natural alternative for that?


    All the best
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    Okian, I didn't do the parasite protocol because I've tested negative for parasites 3 times and I was a bit scared of the drugs. I may decide to do the parasite protocol at some point in the future but I'm feeling pretty good most of the time now (as long as I stay out of mold) so I may not need to
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    So, did you stop the protocol all together after 4-5 months and since then you have not taken at all Chlorine Dioxide but feeling good again ? Is that correct? Thank you