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    I have been off work for 2 months, it started with blood in the urine and feeling like I had flu, a urine sample showed Acinetobacter bunamii and I had the treatment for it ( only sensitive to ciprofloxacin) but I have not improved sufficiently to return to work.
    I have shaking symptom in my upper torso, I am short of breath on exertion and feel weak . Is this common with CFS/ ME ? blood results initially showed low white cell count but that has gone back to normal, usual blood tests liver, kidney, FBC, inflammatory markers, USs kidneys abdo, chest X-ray and ECG are normal. I also have palpitations, cold feet and pain in knees and back and have just developed a strange headache ( last 2 weeks) I also have a weird sensation in my neck? My urine shows ketones even though I am eating normally, I am not diabetic. Any advice would be helpful as work are keen to get me back and obv. I want to be normal again! You have to wait 6 months before diagnosis of CFS/ ME in U.K.