Tenofovir some success

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  1. Strike me lucky

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    Id be skeptical that high cmv wasnt active. If you have high or low neutrophils or lymphocytes or white blood cell counts id say its quite possible cmv is active.

    Maybe worth trying antiviral for it???
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  2. ariane lamo

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    Ofcourse its a Retrovirus i can Asure you this 100% .
    I don't have scientific proof other than what we all know from the history of me cfs, Dr de Freitas , Mikovits, Rusccetti & quiet few others with a vast experiance in me/cfs from the early days of incline village they all believe thesame thing. i have this and many other facts, i don't need NIH or CDC to tell me this is a Retrovirus, it will be better cause they can make the arvs treatment aveilable for us easier and we can measure viral load etc.. but 100% sure its Retroviral infectious disease .
    why don't you try Insetress to?? its relatively safe and have proof to have a good action on mlv viruses but also agains herpes viruses???
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  3. garnet10

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    @Strike me lucky how are you doing on the anti-retroviral?
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  4. Strike me lucky

    Strike me lucky Well-Known Member

    Holding my 8 or 9 out of 10. Testosterone replacement therapy has helped with exercise recovery and general wellbeing, it has definitely helped but hard to quantify but i cant say im a 10 out of 10 or if i ever will??
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  5. Zapped

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    I just ordered my first ARV combo pill (DIY for CFS/ME) after a lot of equivocation, then detailed research, all of which highlights cautions relative to protocols using ARV's... .

    If anyone else is thinking about going this route you might find this info helpful. Try a Google search for 'How ARV'S Work.' There's a ton of pertinent background info from credible sources. Multiple articles explain the arcane language in patient friendly style.

    Because of the explanation as to how the ARV's work, most authoritative sources recommended the use of two complementary types at once. Specifically, "The WHO recommends the use of two NRTIs with one NNRTI in ART-naïve patients who meet the criteria for treatment. Recommended first-line HAART regimens are: 1. Zidovudine plus lamivudine, plus either efavirenz or nevirapine; or,
    2. Tenofovir plus either lamivudine or emtricitabine, plus either efavirenz or nevirapine."
    (Fwiw, I went with #2. Delivery is 2 weeks away… .)
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  6. garnet10

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    Zapped, I hope you see some improvement. I have conversed briefly with 2 people who feel they have "recovered" or are "in remission" on ARV's. Both took tenofovir (Viread) at 245 or 300 mg once a day and raltegravir (Isentress) 400 mg twice a day. Both mentioned they do not take them daily but had to figure out how many days on and off. Others seem to be doing better on just tenofovir.

    I have tried practically everything ever researched/suggested for CFS over the past 15 years. Since I have been declining over the past 2 weeks after enjoying a couple of weeks of improvement, I'm starting to feel desperate enough to try ARV's.

    This week I struggled to get through my abridged day of work, and have been the subject of complaint from an unpleasant co-worker, such that my administrator has suggested I consider Family Medical Leave. I'm considering starting ARV's during this 12 week period, so that if I experience IRIS reaction I won't miss work, and perhaps would see improvement during that time. (although Hustler stated it took about 4 years before he saw improvement).

    I hope this goes well for you, and that you continue to update us. If I start ARV's I wiill keep this forum updated as well.
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  7. Zapped

    Zapped Well-Known Member

    Thanks, and same for you. BTW, I did read Hustler's feedback, here which motivated
    me to move forward. I hope you check out some of the patient directed articles, re earlier
    post. They're especially helpful if you're doing it yourself, i.e. w/o a doc.
    (We'll both need regular lab tests to catch any problems quickly.). Good luck, huh:nailbiting:
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  8. garnet10

    garnet10 Active Member

    Zapped, how have you been doing on the ARV’s so far?
  9. Zapped

    Zapped Well-Known Member

    Thanks for asking. I hate to report it but I got worse in a hurry on Viriday and stopped
    taking them after 30 days of half dosage - Sick, not just trial discomfort.

    As posted elsewhere, someone pointed out that the second ingredient in that compound
    is particularly onerous and made many others worse as well. I may try ARV’s again but with Tenofovir plus some other ingredient... . Regrettably, I bought a 90 day supply=(

    Did you try them, and if so how did you fare?

    BTW, I did have high CMV numbers before starting. I don’t know now.
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  10. garnet10

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  11. garnet10

    garnet10 Active Member

    I haven’t tried them yet. I’m waiting until I can no longer work anymore so I have nothing to lose, or get desperate enough to give it a try.

    Right now I can drag myself to an abridged work schedule and make it through the day.

    Sorry to hear what happened. When I finally do try them I will post here.
  12. xcell

    xcell New Member

    Hello, how severe are you?
    Here you can read about slow increase starting with 1/8 tablet (!): http://meversuscfs.blogspot.com/2018/06/arztanfragen-mein-therapieregime-fur.html
    In this treatment regime Cistus Incanus instead of Raltegravir is used.