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I have this, but only during sleep or maybe during sleep phase transitions. I call them "sleep vibrations" I believe it's due to some sort of vagus nerve dysfunction/irritation. I haven't been able to put my finger on what's causing the dysfunction yet although I have some theories:

- Impingement on vagus nerve due to neck issues. I definitely have some neck discomfort and am seeing an osteopath about this. No progress yet. I have not been diagnosed with CFS/ME, but I have read a lot of the recent threads about craniocervical issues and the multisystem problems this can cause.

- Impingement on vagus nerve due to hiatal hernia. When I get these vibrations, it often feels as if they're emanating from my diaphragm. I know that I have a small hiatal hernia.

- A type of "visceral hypersensitivity" which is due to an overly sensitive nervous system that reacts to things such as mild acid reflux. This was the diagnosis of a gastroenterologist who was one of the only traditional doctors that actually recognized this symptom and didn't look at me like I was crazy. He recommended a "neuro modulator" such as amitriptyline or gabapentin.

I take 20mg amitriptyline an 300 mg gabapentin about an hour before bed. These are relatively low doses, but I refuse to go any higher.

There is a very, very long thread on medhelp (that I'm part of) about sleep vibrations that has been active for more than 11 years. You might want to scan through it to see if anything rings true for you.
I am a long time member just catching up. Thanks for the insightful info. The neck - yes. When mine was really bad, every time I would lie down, I would be quivering and trembling. Then, it would pass. Please look at Jennifer Brea’s blogs - she was the person in Unrest. Just had surgery for craniocervical instability and tethered cord. She says she no longer has ME/ CFS. Hers started with a virus.

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