Urine mycotoxin testing

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  1. Hi there,

    As I embark on mold testing for my home and office I recently came across a test from Great Plains Laboratory purporting mycotoxin testing of urine. I have done other testing through this company and found it useful, but had never heard of this.

    Is anyone familiar with the GPL-MycoTOX Profile test?


    I was aware of potential urine testing from this 2013 article finding elevated mycotoxins in ME/CFS pts compared the healthy controls, but wasn’t aware of a commercial test available. Any thoughts on whether people have done it or found it useful would be much appreciated!


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    You might take a look at this blog post by Lisa Petrison, https://paradigmchange.me/wp/urine/.

    There is quite a lot of controversy around urine mycotoxin testing, and my understanding is that practitioners have moved away from it somewhat.
  3. Hi Remy,

    Thank you for your response! Yes, I was aware of the RealTime Labs testing and controversy surrounding it but it seemed to me that the Great Plains testing was a newer option developed in 2017 and hadn’t seen any reviews one way or another. It’s hard for me to imagine that just because pre-2016 testing doesn’t seem reliable that better testing can’t become available. Hard to know how to judge new testing approaches though, particularly when past approaches do have that sort of controversy. I try to stay open to progress actually happening, but also want to remain cautious.
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    Oh my bad, I was thinking of the Real Time testing .I'm glad you pointed out the difference and hopefully will get more responses.
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    I am just reading Neil Nathan's latest book, Toxic. In the mold testing chapter, he mentions both options, Real Time and Great Plains. He doesn't say one is better than another, though. Just that they use different methodology and using them together produces the best picture of potential mold infection.

    Given what we know about Real Time, I'm a little skeptical in general of that statement. But it is interesting that he is equivocal about it and doesn't just declare it a giant step forward in testing, like the Great Plains website does (understandably).