(USA) Senate passes 'right-to-try' bill by unanimous consent 8/3/17 Fox News

Discussion in 'Health News' started by GG, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. GG

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  2. Remy

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    Now who pays?
  3. Farmgirl

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    I think that may a be a rhetorical question? ;-)
  4. Remy

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    Not really.

    If insurance companies aren't required to pay, I'm really not sure how this law changes anything for the patient, really, given the cost of medicine in general and these kind of treatments in particular. It's not a carte blanche coverage law.
  5. ShyestofFlies

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    Requesting access isn't the same as given access. I assume the requester must front the money the treatment provider requests, be that through insurance somehow, crowdfunding, personal funding, lottery, leans on their houss, etc.
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  6. Learner

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    Does this include suramin? :smuggrin: