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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AlbertaKat, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. AlbertaKat

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    I’m fairly new to online blogging (less than two weeks) and sharing with others... well this is a tough one for me but it seems to be getting easier with each post.

    I’ve been learning to live with CFS/Fibro since 2010. The year I turned 40, and my health took a steep decline. Excessive fatigue and pain everywhere: joint, muscular, chest, abdomen, pelvis, head... along with brain fog and cognitive/memory issues, visual snow....

    I’ve (mostly) learned to live with my new ‘normal’. Some days are better than others. I’m thankful I have a job that allows me the flexibility of working from home when I need to, and setting my own hours. My husband is incredibly supportive and we have a houseful of pets that bring me joy.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. IrisRV

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    Hi, @AlbertaKat!

    I think you'll find lots of help and support here. Your story is a familiar one to most of us. :)

    It would be great if you wrote a little intro, or copy the one above, in the Introduce Yourself thread. That way more people might notice you are a friendly new member and drop by to say 'hi'.

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  3. AlbertaKat

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    Done, thank you for the link.
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  4. GG

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    I have been learning to live with ME/CFS and Fibro as well. I turned 40 in 2010 as well, but have been sick since 2003. My illness started with EBV/Mononucleosis!

    I haven't worked in over 4 years, and have a much better time with my symptoms now :)

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  5. AlbertaKat

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    I’m glad you’re better, GG!
  6. jaminhealth

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    Hi and welcome, I'm fairly new here but not new to health forums. I deal with bodywide arthritis and was told in 1999 I have FM, but I have related sluggish thyroid with FM symptoms...many are the same. Don't accept that "normal" mantra from the doctors. If you "feel" thyroid is sluggish, it could be.

    I take supplements for 25 some yrs and my very very favorite lifechanging one is grape seed extract. Basically it cleans and thins our blood and one COULD get more energy from taking it. I have numerous health "miracles" taking it 22 yrs but the energy is a great possibility.

    Welcome and stay tuned.
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