Poll What type(s) of doctor gave you your diagnosis for ME/CFS?

What type(s) of doctor gave you your diagnosis for ME/CFS?

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You mention getting worse dysautonomia after hip surgery. Hip surgery can change the function of the sacrum and pelvis. But also, when people are intubated for surgery, the alignment of the neck can be affected. My dysautonomia is definitely related to neck problems. ( but the pelvis affects the neck) Understandable in that important sympathetic nerves wrap the vertebral artery which travels through holes in the sides of the neck vertebrae to the brainstem area. So, rotation of the neck vertebrae can stress blood supply and sympathetic nerves.

Traditional osteopaths are the best docs I know of to deal with these neck/pelvis issues.


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I have 3 main one I have to see / follow regularly.

1) GP to test thyroid, D,b12 levels and CBC, Methylation panel. handles my sleep and any new complication.
2) CFS specialist - Once a year for NK and Cytikone profile and viral load tests. One phone consult a year.
3) Electrophysiologyst - to Manage the OI symptoms (POTs).

4) Sleep Doctor: I have a cpap and Insurance requires I see it once a year.
5) Gut Doctor: for Colitis.
6) Home care center: to deal with the equipment of CPAP.
If you saw a dedicated ME/CFS specialist- were you refered there or did you end up there by your own research and suspicions?
I figure out I had CFS since my PEM by year 5 was so obvious, I asked my GP for referral.

*Are you officially diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or a different title? CFS, NK cell dysfunction Syndrome,POTs, Colitis.
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It is amazing to read all of these various accounts. Wow. Talk about feeling like you are part of a tribe....

Years ago my GP was very unhelpful in treatment, really just offered SSRIs & tests and told to excercise and manage stress better. I didn't do well with the medications which actually made things worse. And all the tests were stressful and made an already difficult time worse, without adding anything conclusive. I have a naturopath doctor now who is great to talk with and willing to learn with me.

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