What's with wheat?


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I just watched "What's with Wheat?"
I thought it was important enough to comment on. I know I have a sensitivity to gluten & wheat, but I like to forget about it.
I noticed some of the contributors, I have seen mentioned here on the forum. The leaky gut & other health issues seem in line with the latest research on CFS/ME. While they don't mention CFS specifically, they do have a large amount about issues we deal with.
I highly recommend this movie!:smuggrin:
(Yay, I finally added a working link!)
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I certainly have issues with eating wheat. I can eat a small amount but it has to be spaced way out in time. So I save it for my favorites that have no analogs.

I am also unfortunately unable to process xanthan gum, so that cuts out most of the gluten free products out. I noticed that if I bake my own bread using the slow-ferment method of sourdough making (luckily I live in a pine forest so it's easy to make a new sourdough starter), it doesn't bother me until I've eaten it daily for 3 days.

Part of me wonders if it isn't a good idea after all to annoy my immune system in the hope that it will kill whatever is harming me. But that seems too theoretical to depend on. So I just save the wheat days for once a month.

As for the movie, how come they never come to Raleigh or Durham, North Carolina so I can see them? Unrest isn't coming here either. The area between the two cities is called "Research Triangle Park" and Durham is more liberal, much more, than Burlington Vermont (where I used to live). I guess it has the "South" label. Stereotyping at work?
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I saw "What's with Wheat" on pay per view, direct TV.
I live in rural SC, same issue here with movies. That is why I get lots of channels, plus I don't have the energy to go out to the movies.
I have high hopes that Unrest, will be available online or the Sundance channel.:D


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Gluten is not essential to our health. Nor are grains. They're common and convenient, and we're addicted to them, but they can be counterproductive to our health.

A low carbohydrate, nutrient dense diet, like a Paleo diet provides nutrients our sick bodies crave and it's possible to eat a wide variety of satisfying foods without feeling deprived.

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