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    Irregular sleep-wake patterns

    One of the greatest (if not the greatest) problems I've been having since the beginning of cfs but never posted about it is never knowing how much sleep and how much awake time would I need any day...So some days I would sleep for 8 hours, some over 15; sometimes I would have to nap a few hours...
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    CFS and getting out of the comfort zone

    I'm wondering...where is the limit between stepping out of our comfort zones and pushing too much to make our cfs worse or even getting into vicious circle of pushing-crashing and resting-feeling better-pushing again and never really getting better? Seems like I've done the first and I always...
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    Enlarged lymph nodes?

    Is enlarged lymph nodes a common symptom of cfs/ME? I have enlarged lymph nodes on my neck and armpits. Not very large, but like a small pea maybe. Moveable and painless. I've read online that enlarged lymph nodes is a symptom, but it usually says painfull or tender.. Mine are NOT painfull...
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    Legs don't do as they're told

    Cfs/M.e has severely affected my mobility. I currently walk with 2 crutches at a painfully slow pace. I can't cover much distance as I'm so slow it's exhausting. It's like the connection from brain to legs isn't quite there. They just won't do as they're told! Anyone else experience problems...
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    What's with wheat?

    I just watched "What's with Wheat?" I thought it was important enough to comment on. I know I have a sensitivity to gluten & wheat, but I like to forget about it. I noticed some of the contributors, I have seen mentioned here on the forum. The leaky gut & other health issues seem in line with...
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    How to fix health care

    Nice article that mentions CFS/ME along with other illnesses that are sensitive to environmental pollution. Also talks about lyme disease & other diseases from ticks. Pro EPA & CDC basically... Not sure the link works...sorry I tried The article is in the...

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