Who said M.E/CFS must be the only disease where exercise is detrimental

NZ Ann

can anyone tell me the name of the researcher and the actual quote that went something like this M.E /CFS must be the only disease in the world where exercise is not benefical. It was something like that and i read it on a slide of a presentation of one of the well known researchers.
i would like to be able to quote it and the researcher to my new family doctor who of course doesn’t understand M.E!
Thank you in advance


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Actually, this is not entirely accurate. There is a rather rare condition called exercise induced allergy or exercise induced anaphylaxis that causes a strong (and sometimes life treathening) allergic reaction to sometimes very low amounts of exercise.

Using the search terms "exercise allergy anaphylaxis" will show you some links. A good introduction to it is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exercise-induced_anaphylaxis.

"Exercise-induced anaphylaxis (EIA, EIAn, EIAs) is a rare condition in which anaphylaxis, a serious or life-threatening allergic response, is brought on by physical activity. Approximately 5–15% of all reported cases of anaphylaxis are thought to be exercise-induced."

It has even its own late stage, not unfamiliar to PEM
"The late phase, which follows recovery from the reaction, includes frontal headaches and a feeling of fatigue; these symptoms may manifest themselves up to 72 hours following onset of the reaction."

While it is not what you were searching for, showing that it is actually possible to get worse / sick by even modest amounts of exercise and in a rather rare (up to the point that most doctors don't remember ever having studied it) but science proven actual medical condition may stop them from keep repeating you must exercise more as it is impossible to get worse from light exercise.

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