Whoop tracker hrv sleep recovery vs pain levels


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I have been tracking my HRV, sleep and activities with a whoop.com tracker and my symptoms with a separate pain app (Manage My Pain).

I am finding that my level of pain, discomfort, and malaise rises as my HRV increases, which seems counter-intuitive because whoop then shows my recovery percentage has been increasing and improving at that point (meaning my body is supposedly better able to take on strain). Basically, as my body seems to be recovering, my pain increases!

Is this also what you are observing in your HRV/activity/sleep tracking?

I will add that I only started using whoop on month 9 of my 12 months' of misery, so its baseline was developed on me only being half myself. I also had begun to feel less to little pain for the last 2 weeks, since imposing bed rest last month, and started to do a little more this past week. But have noticed the pain is creeping back, so have been resting more again...


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Okay, my hypothesis is that on my "good" day or high (Whoop) recovery day, I must be engaging in more work, likely exceeding my energy envelope, and therefore causing the increase in symptoms.

I guess I need to do better at pacing.

Fyi: have noticed some unusually low (athlete-level, which I am obviously not) heart rate values with whoop tracker when cycling. So, have opened support ticket with them.


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@linda.boyles, I agree, which is why I am tracking subjective feelings separately. Logging them in Manage My Pain and in "CFS Tracker" Memento DB. Can't make up my mind yet if I can replace one with the other.

Based on recommnations here and in the dedicated FB group, I have just bought a Polar H10 chest strap to wear while awake and will use it with Pulsometer RR to learn by alarms what activities cause my heart rate to step into the warning and danger zones.

At some point, I may switch from whoop to biostrap, if the sedentary and sleep readings are fairly close. I am told biostrap app allows input from a chest monitor.

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