Why dont they try to increase NK function??

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I've always wondered why researchers dont try to develop drugs that increase nk function in cfsme???

For a long time now, i think since the early 90s atleast, Nancy Klimas brought this to the attention of the cfs community. The australian researchers at griffith university have improved on this and found that cfsme patients have low nk bright cell function, so narrowed this dysfunction to the nk bright cells?

Why havent they developed drugs to increase nk function/bright cell function??

I have heard some researchers say nk function is insignificant, really? A cell that attacks viruses and cancer cells is insignificant in cfsme that could possibly have chronic ongoing infections?

Wouldnt it make sense to develop drugs to increase nk function and sustain this function and see if cfsers improve or recover??

I just think its a really simple theory that just keeps being overlooked, why??
I know not everyone with cfsme has low nk function but bloody hell the majority of cfsers have this dysfunction. And theres others with low cd8 t cell function, so its not hard to change gears slightly there.

Instead research seems to always keep pointing the gun back at some dam vitamin treatment or say its all diet, BS.

Thats my big sookey la la about it.
Maybe some researcher might look at this and think about it?



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I'm not particularly good at understanding the science behind things with the illness or proposed treatments, but I have wondered this myself. I'm sure it is a much more difficult task then it sounds, but I'm curious to hear how this would be approached even if I can't understand it. I'm sure it has been considered before particularly at Klimas's/NOVA facility- perhaps nothing noteable turned out enough to mention it, but still it'd be good to have some sort of record of every type of proposed treatment that has failed or showed less than optimal success.


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I know ME patiënts who had low NK cel function when they return to normal these patiënts didn't get better. So i think this will be not a solution.

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