Why noni juice helped me to gain energy?


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It would be great to see if he would do that. Have you seen Mendus? We could do a trial on that site if we could get a discount and enough people to join in.

Thanks for letting me know about MendUs.Org.

I asked the companies to support noni study on SEID for free through MendUs.Org.

Divind Noni, one of the largest in India, said that if the project is approved by their Research Advisory Committee they would sponsor, and I asked them to let me know whom to contact. Let us see their response.

Since these people import noni juice raw material from Hawaiian Islands, may be we can find someone from the region or in USA who might be interested to involve in some manner to support the study.

Please share your opinion.

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BTW, recently both the companies Apollo Noni and Divine Noni agreed to give noni juice for free of cost for study on HIV in Hyderabad, India. And Nireekshina HIV Clinic, an NGO is willing to take care of administrative costs. We are working to find someone who can take care of other costs involved. I hope this study will move forward and will help many HIV individuals to live better life.

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Having health issues is not the same as having ME/CFS

Have you even bothered to see what we struggle with? I doubt it because if you had you would know that there is no one thing that helps us. And Noni juice is on the list of things that won't.

But you didn't because you're too self absorbed and too busy selling stuff.

I don't like self appointed saviors coming here and telling us they can fix what ails us. If it was that easy don't you think we would have tried it?

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(Some of the content from this post was removed because it got a little personal!)

I wasn't aware that Noni is an antiviral or an immune modulator.
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Let us have an agreement before we move forward: If I mention noni or probiotics or any thing, plus a particular brand, please do not buy that brand, buy something else if you chose to. And be very cautious and be responsible for your actions. I mentioned a brand because they are (were) available where I live(d) and use(d) them after due diligence. That is all.

And let me tell you my current situation: After two weeks of gap, two days ago when I purchased noni juice and protein by not providing enough groceries at home, my wife asked me Hari "What are you doing?" I could not sell my struggles to my wife who loves me dearly.

Since I understand your struggles as well, my commitment and interest is to help all of you. With everyone feedback, I may accelerate my recovery. Otherwise with your banging and labeling due to my poor communication I would have withdrawn the first day.


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@Minx, you are absolutely correct - no single thing helps SEID.

We need a radically different solution, different approach under a different paradigm.

It is just not noni juice that gave me result. Noni juice played very significant role.

The attached frame work I designed for myself gave me result. Requires refinement, verification and ratification to provide to the masses under healthcare professional.

The question we need to ask is: Do the healthcare experts and SEID individuals have the kind of understanding, patience and resources required to follow through?

Given my finances I stick to noni (gives me energy), protein (gives me muscle grip and strength) and organic millet based diet (gives me good digestion and bowl movement) as much possible for the past three to four years. Plus personal transformation training through Landmark Education helped emotional well being, deal social stigma, start to have fun. I practice self designed yoga sequences and rarely body massage. I am on my recovery path.

If someone knows and recommends me a better solution than this, I will follow that.

I hope I gave you clear info on how and why I recovered.

Have fun,


PS: Prior to designing my own yoga sequences I learned for 8 years, majorly BKS Iyengar style.
The content in the image and PDF are same. If the quality of image is not good, please download PDF.

What to Consider for SEID recovery.jpeg


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I wasnt aware that Noni is an antiviral or an immune modulator.
You mentioned a good point.

My personal experience in this aspect: Since childhood I used to have low fever feeling (but body temperature was normal) for weeks and months together, mouth ulcers in summer. Now I do not have low fever at all for 2 to 3 years. At times when I over exert mouth ulcers appear, but no pain and go away even before I notice them completely. Again, noni plays significant role.

Also enzymes from Cosway, transfer factor and RioVida from 4Life helped me to reduce sense of low fever. I could not continue to use them due to high cost.

Prior to this in between 2003 and 2007 I used Triple Guard Echinacea from Amway, helped me a bit, but not much.

**** ****
@Minx, if you or some one can help to lean on how communicate better and listen well, I will be more than happy to learn.
Even my wife tells me many times she could not understand me, I was puzzled and stuck.

I also realized in my excitement to share with all of you on my success, I communicated a lot creating ambiguity and confusion.

Please suggest and help me to improve.

Have fun,


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