Why noni juice helped me to gain energy?

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    Dear All,

    In my earlier posts I mentioned that Noni Juice helped me to gain energy, but I did not know why. With the interest to help all of you to know why, and encourage you to try noni juice under the supervision of your physician. I searched PubMed database for noni and mitochondria.

    Morinda Citrifolia is scientific name for Noni.

    Please note the studies are not done for FMS / CFS. But I find relevance to FMS / CFS based on other related information.

    Noni and Mitochoandria
    Here is the explanation by Dr. Mayhill
    : http://drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/CFS_-_The_Central_Cause:_Mitochondrial_Failure

    Here is the scientific evidence: Morinda Citrifolia Plays a Central Role in the Primary Prevention of Mitochondrial-dependent Degenerative Disorders.
    http://www.apocpcontrol.org/paper_file/issue_abs/Volume16_No4/1675 8.14 Caramel Simone [Letter to Editor].pdf

    Extract from above link:

    QBS tests, by evaluating both parenchymal and microcirculatory parameters, confirm the already well known anti-oxidant properties of Noni fruit and other peculiar properties such as (a) diminishing/normalizìng the tissue acidosis, (b) re-equilibrating the acid-basic balance, (c) ameliorating/normalizing the mitochondrial redox activity as well as the tissue oxygenation, the microcirculatory flow motion and the metabolism as a whole

    ***** *****

    I also found that noni juice reduces oxidative stress. Outcome of oxidative stress for FMS / CFS could be PEM - Post Exertion Malaise.

    Oxidative stress may cause PEM:
    1. http://solvecfs.org/post-exertional-malaise-cause-and-effect/

    Extract from the above page:
    ....Studies have found that peak oxygen consumption and maximum capacity for oxygen consumption are lower in CFS patients than controls
    ......Research has also suggested that muscle energy metabolism is impaired, as evidenced by higher levels of lactate and other measures of oxidative stress.

    2. http://solvecfs.org/deciphering-post-exertional-malaise/
    Extract from the above page:
    Current clinical descriptions and case definition criteria of PEM are not currently quantified well-enough to be used in the laboratory setting. As a result, most studies have had to operationally define PEM. This has led to PEM being described and defined in a host of different ways including: ....
    • Various biological markers (e.g. complement C4a, cytokines, natural killer cells, NF-кB, oxidative stress, gene expression, etc.)
    Extract from the research paper:

    Effect of noni and cisplatin on the level of malondialdehyde.
    Increased levels of Malondialdehyde (MDA) indicate upsurge in lipid peroxidation which is a consequence of increased free radical generation. It causes profound alterations in the function of the cell membrane and structural organization of DNA leading to mutations. Therefore, it can be stated that lipid peroxidation may possibly be involved in cervical carcinogenesis. On treatment with Noni, CP, and their combination, the level of MDA decreased by 0.76 fold, 0.49 fold, and 0.68 fold respectively in HeLa cells; and by 0.93 fold, 0.67 fold, and 0.79 fold respectively in SiHa cells, as compared to their controls (Figure 1A).

    Effect of noni and cisplatin on catalase activity
    Catalase is an ubiquitous antioxidant enzyme that is present in most aerobic cells. Catalase is involved in the detoxification of hydrogen peroxide, a reactive oxygen species (ROS), which is a toxic product of both normal aerobic metabolism and pathogenic ROS production. On treatment with Noni, CP, and their combination, Catalase activity was found to be increased by 1.61 folds, 0.54 fold, and 2.35 folds respectively in HeLa cells; and by 0.98 fold, 0.39 fold, and 1.85 folds respectively in SiHa cells, as compared to their controls (Figure 1B).

    ***** ****

    Please note that anti-oxidant properties of noni juice also contribute to the reduction oxidative stress, thus reduced or no PEM and increased energy levels.

    I use up to 150 ml of noni juice, 50 to 75 ml two to three time a day based on my body feeling. For me noni juice combined with potent natural multivitamins and protein powders gave good result over a period of time. I could notice improvement in no time.

    If anyone tried noni juice please share your experience.

    Have fun,


    Original research articles: (both the studies are done by Rakesh Kumar and teams from India)
    On Mitochondria: http://www.apocpcontrol.org/paper_file/issue_abs/Volume14_No1/237-242 12.8 Rakesh Kumar Gupta.pdf

    On Oxidative stress related: http://www.apocpcontrol.org/paper_file/issue_abs/Volume14_No8/4603-4606 1.19 Rakesh Kumar Gupta.pdf

    My earlier related posts: www.cortjohnson.org/forums/threads/the-principle-i-followed-to-restored-my-health.2957/
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    To give you a clear picture on my progress, and my current condition I am uploading my notes prepared using FreeMind tool.

    Hari - Physical Conditions observed as of Sept 2015.PNG
    I also uploaded PDF if you find my improved conditions image quality is not good when zoomed.
    My fitness - Conditions improved or even became normal Sept - 2015.jpeg

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  3. Cort

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    Thanks for sharing Hari!

    Can you tell me how much you took or take or recommend to take a day? I was looking at Noni juice - pretty expensive stuff at least here - about $30 a bottle. I am intrigued by it though.
  4. Cort

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    Now that is a work of art! It deserves a good smiley :couchpotato:

    I didn't know you had allodynia as well. That makes your improvement all the more impressive. It looks like Noni Juice impacted a lot of areas...

    I think you should teach others how to use that tool..That might be a good blog actually - How to use the Mind Mapping Tool to better understand what is going on....
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    Thanks Cort for your encouragement.

    Here is the recommended process of starting noni, and daily consumption method. Some people just drink my mixing in water.


    1. Start with 5 ml with 100 ml of water, 2 to 3 times a day.
    2. Increase by 5 ml every 3rd day. Means 5 ml first day, 10 ml 3rd day, 15 mal 5th day
    3. Continue to increase like wise up to 30 ml at a time (this high dose is for FMS / CFS)

    Recommended Consumption Method:
    Sip as if you are drinking tea or coffee, take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Keep each sip of noni juice liquid in your mouth for 5 to 10 seconds. This helps certain nutrients to be absorbed through glands in mouth.

    How do I use?
    After consuming for few weeks like above I started take 50 to 70 ml at a time. I take up to 150 ml per day. There were days I took 250 ml when the symptoms were intense. I felt good relief.

    Some people to recover from cancer, used 750 ml per day. Unlike pharma drugs noni juice is water soluble and does not have any deposits in the body or harmful side effects.

    Observe for any Healing Crisis due to noni juice: Healing Crisis / Healing Reaction is a process when body is given good nutrition and rest. Body may revisit old symptoms (old memory) and completely heal.

    My own healing reactions: Sleepy, and at times for no reason I used to have very old pains. Since I know about healing reaction, I kept quite. Mostly I increased my dosage. My healing reaction happened over a period of few years. In the beginning it was intense. Will share details separately.

    How to minimize impact of healing reaction, if it is happening to you: Either by increasing dose more and taking more rest. Or reducing dose or stopping and taking the noni again after few days. Also by taking healthy and nutritious diet and natural dietary supplements, along with protein.

    No matter what happened to me I was not afraid, every time I had doubt I checked with someone who has experience in this aspect or on the internet for how recovery may happen.

    Have fun,

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  6. Hari

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    Yes Cort. Even in India for our living standards it is expensive. Price range is between $15 to $30 depending on the brand. I am lucky to have someone who is giving me at less than $10 for 900 ml bottle. I consume 3 to 4 bottles every month.

    I know the manufacturer Apollo Noni and exports to various countries under different brands. Please let me know if I should check with him who is his importer in USA and offer a special discount for in the interest to support FMS/CFS group(s). I will do so only on request from your side.

    I am also in touch with another brand Divine Noni to conduct a study on Noni and HIV. And asking him to support FMS / CFS individuals. Once I have his reply will let you know.

    I recommended these two brands out of many brands I used. Only reasons are good smell and good taste. The potency and efficacy is same for all brands I used.

    Have fun,

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  7. Hari

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    Here is the summary of all my dietary supplements used. Again mind map.

    Sure Cort, I will do a blog on FreeMind tool.
    Hari - Summary of natural dietary supplements used as of Sept 2015.jpeg
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    Long ago I wrote how to test if noni is working on you.

    Testing if Noni is working effectively on you.
    On the day you start Noni (please continue to use other medicines)
    1. Do blood tests (sugar level, or other tests)
    2. Those who can do - Climb one floor or two or brisk walk for 10 min and observe body capacity
    3. Allergy – observe the intensity of allergy
    After one week: Do the above again, except blood tests.
    After two weeks: Do the above again, if necessary repeat blood tests.
    Do like this for 8 to 10 weeks, you will start to observe health and stamina improvement.
    Improvement after 10 weeks:
    1. You will observe improved capability in climbing steps, or brisk walking capability.
    2. You will see improvement in BP, sugar level,
    3. Most blood tests show dramatic improvement in results, and few show improvement
    4. Those who are healthy: You will observe increased stamina and energy levels.
    5. Yoga or exercise doers: You will notice flexibility, and ease in your postures / exercise.
    6. Those who stand a lot (domestic help, teachers, floor managers): will start to enjoy work
    7. Students: You will observe sharpness study, notice in increased marks (min 3 months usage)
    Everyone: Your skin tone will be improved, your beauty will be improved with Noni.
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  9. Who Me?

    Who Me? Well-Known Member

    20 plus years ago when Noni juice came on the scene, people were killing themselves to get it. I know people who spent tons and got zero benefit.

    Here is an article about the scam that is Noni to show another side.

    It's hard to have fun when you are housebound.

    My favorite line:

    However, in its natural state, the pungent, ripe fruit is not very edible and is known as 'vomit fruit' and 'rotten cheese fruit' due to its bitterness

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  10. Cort

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    It would be great to see if he would do that. Have you seen Mendus? We could do a trial on that site if we could get a discount and enough people to join in.
  11. Cort

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    Vomit fruit! :D

    Strong medicine..
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  12. Cort

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    That would be great :)
  13. Hari

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    Thanks @Cort for saying what I wanted to say.
  14. Hari

    Hari Active Member

    Thanks @Minx for your reply.

    Let us look at the other side of the coin. We are living in dual nature world. For everything we have minimum two sides, if we are willing to look at. Which side dominates is the question? Like during day, the light dominates, and during night the dark dominates.

    Do you know one single pharma drug that tastes good, and had no side effect on anyone, and gave promised result to everyone consumed? Most importantly in USA it has no legal case?

    But over 95% population happily accepts the prescription and consume. And unfortunately some knowingly put them on the death bed and then take that less 10% chance to go home and live healthy.

    Like wise, Noni Juice. I know two people in India I suggested noni. After consuming noni constantly they had diarrhea. They stopped. I also had many times. After I understood how healing crisis works, I accepted started to take only at bed time and very early morning. My results changed. It is your willingness to adapt to what is required by going depth and towards good health. You must be malleable too.

    Given the many intentions of people, before I take any step, I understand the success and failure rates, plus success and failure aspects. Then think through how can I be successful? And move on.

    If you try for something you may get it, if you do not try for sure you will never get. - Hari Emani

    I had been following the above quote I said to myself 15 years ago. I do not know if any one else said that. I got my health and life. And fun too.:playful:

    Have fun,

  15. Hari

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    I agree @Minx.

    I derive my inspiration from freedom fights, the wars our ancestors fought to give us the freedom we enjoy today by going through the struggles. And from the difficulties my parents and grandparents faced to give me good life. They did not even know if they would win. But they chose to fight, and took their chances. Likewise by going that one mile extra to understand and do what is required for me to have fun, to have good life, instead of what is needed to have to fun and good life.

    Please see my post what I did to achieve the state of having fun all the time despite the condition.


    One of the best complements from my wife: Hari, you are more loving and having fun than when we were married 15 years ago.

    You may want to know that she does not know what am I dealing with, not even about single symptom and not willing to discuss. But she love me for my other qualities.

    I chose get out of that self-pity that I can not or I am not........ and stopped blaming circumstances and situation. It is years of work to give my wife the kind of husband she wants. :) Thus everything in life.

    Again irrespective of the situation and difficulties.... try to

    Have fun,

    then one day your life shall dominate with fun and good health like mine.

    Have fun,

  16. Who Me?

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    I can't read more than w few sentences.

    I agree with @Folk I'm not buying what you are selling. I'm not interested and commented beceuse I find your comment to have fun insensitive and naive.

    And if someone tells you they are too sick to have fun, say you are sorry. you are trying too hard. It's off putting.
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  17. Hari

    Hari Active Member

    Got you @Minx.

    You are correct I had been trying too hard on everything.

    And I missed the point to be emphatic. Sorry about that. And thanks for pointing out.

    Yes, it is unfortunate that we are in a situation where we do not enjoy or experience anything other than pain and discomfort.

    For me selling means - I gain some financial advantage. After seeing your reply, I understood there could be other meanings. Will learn.
  18. Hari

    Hari Active Member

    @Minx and @Folk,

    I had some health issue, I struggled even to know what it was, and then got a clue, through experimenting I gained health.

    I am sharing openly every thing I did along with the background. My intention is this forum participants might learn something and see if that benefits. If someone gives feedback on their experience, or what helped them to recover that might be useful for everyone.

    So, I am trying to understand - where is the sales part in this?

    And if I am missing something,

    What do you mean by "I am trying to sell something?"

    I appreciate your reply.

    Have fun,

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  19. Folk

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    I don't even know why you tagged me on this post.
    I saw this thread when you created and thought "Yeah, I said so..." but then again... people here are pretty smart and you're not doing a good job on being "Mr. Humble" to get everyone's trust and than just "happen" to have a contact with Noni Juices brands...
    What a coincidence!

    Too fast man...

    Have empathy.
  20. Hari

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    Ummm.... I see.

    I am not here to earn trust nor to sell. I am clear forums like these are not the places for the same.

    My Context of being in this forum: The advantage I gained may be help full to someone who is willing to explore further and implement with caution. At the same time I may receive some feedback which might help me in my further recovery.

    From now on I chose to respond to clarify on the core topic, not to those beating around.

    Thanks Folk for your reply.
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