After 26 Years of Hell, the Pridgen Protocol Does it for X

Decades of severe illness are largely wiped away in 8 months on Pridgen Protocol

  1. Cort
    Source of the Story:
    Provided to Health Rising
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Disease Course Over Time:
    "X" was a highly productive executive before he became ill following a toxic exposure involving mercury and possibly other factors.
    Type of Onset:
    Approximate Date of Illness Began:
    >20 years
    Functionality at it's Worst:
    Mostly bedbound
    Fatigue, post-exertional malaise, pain, noise and light hypersensitivity, cognitive issues, gut problems, vertigo, orthostatic intolerance, etc. Dr. Cheney told him he went from aerobic to anaerobic on an exercise test faster than anyone he’d ever seen.
    Antiviral or Immune Modulators That Made a Difference for You:
    Pridgen Protocol (Famvir + Celebrex)
    Positive Test Results:
    Mercury, viruses
    Treatments That Helped:
    Treatments That Had No Effect:
    vaso-intestinal peptides, whey powder, cell signaling factors, EECP, vitamin infusions, spiritual integration therapy and many others
    Treatments That Made You Worse:
    GcMaF, chlorella
    Present State of Health:
    • Almost recovered - Able to lead norrmal lifestyle
    Practitioner Associated With Recovery:
    Dr. Pridgen
    Suggested Resources:
    Words of Advice:
    See Dr. Pridgen
    Patient “X” was living high when he got ill. A course creator and director for an enterprise delivering transformational experiences, X thrived on his 100-hour work weeks. From the U.S. to lndia to Australia to Germany, he made his living making a difference with people, and he loved it.

    X was extremely productive by society’s standards but it mattered not one day in 1990 when he was exposed to an ungodly amount of toxins and suddenly went from a force of nature to a twitchy, hypersensitive wreck.

    “X” remembers the exact day he became ill.. On a scale of 1-10, with ten being perfectly healthy, X went from a 10 to 1-3 with remarkable speed. He was sick, often terribly sick, for the next 26 years.

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