Preventing Sleep Apnea Therapy was Miracle Cure for Me

Preventing Sleep Apnea Therapy was Miracle Cure for Me

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I was not formally diagnosed with ME but carefully followed the information on Health Rising because ME seemed to explain the group of my symptoms. I recently underwent a sleep study and the sleep doctor sold to me a product called "Provent" which is a treatment for sleep apnea (for those who cannot sleep with a CPAP and others.)

In only a few days of using these "nostril Band-aids with valves" all of my symptoms disappeared. If others on Health Rising find this is a "miracle cure" perhaps Health Rising could advocate that Provent be made available to ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia suffers without having to undergo an expensive overnight sleep study first.

That is, I believe Provent should be utilized for DIAGNOSING sleep apnea since my perhaps 15 years of suffering from brain fog, mold sensitivity, daytime sleepiness and exhaustion disappeared after ONLY a few nights of use. Memories of childhood began resurfacing, short-term memory improved significantly and head pressure sensation disappeared.

Since the "cure" I have studied the health effects of untreated sleep apnea (especially Scientific American magazine) and recent research has found that three pounds per year of "brain toxins" are removed by the glymphatic system while asleep.

From the article "if the glymphatic system cleared beta-amyloid during sleep at a higher rate than when awake, perhaps the poor sleeping patterns of patients with neurodegenerative disorders might contribute to a worsening of the disease." ("Brain Drain" by Maiken Nedergaard and Steven A. Goldman in Scientific American Volume 314, Number 3, March 2016 issue.)
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What an amazing result - Congratulations and thanks for passing it on...
Mary Jane Reyes
I wanted to share that with a trial of something as simple as Provent (nostril patches) some ME/CFS sufferers might be pleasantly surprised that they are back to normal - WITHOUT THE BULKY, UNCOMFORTABLE requirement of using a CPAP machine. Everyone is different but this was a simple "fix" for me. I have to go back for another sleep study now to ascertain if the Provent has in fact cured my sleep apnea. It did cure the brain fog, fatigue and memory issues for me which I have suffered with for many years and thought was ME. Great article on sleep apnea.

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