Preventing Sleep Apnea Therapy was Miracle Cure for Me

My self-diagnosed ME was perhaps entirely due to sleep apnea

  1. Cort
    What an amazing result - Congratulations and thanks for passing it on...
    1. Mary Jane Reyes
      Author's Response
      I wanted to share that with a trial of something as simple as Provent (nostril patches) some ME/CFS sufferers might be pleasantly surprised that they are back to normal - WITHOUT THE BULKY, UNCOMFORTABLE requirement of using a CPAP machine. Everyone is different but this was a simple "fix" for me. I have to go back for another sleep study now to ascertain if the Provent has in fact cured my sleep apnea. It did cure the brain fog, fatigue and memory issues for me which I have suffered with for many years and thought was ME. Great article on sleep apnea.