1. Cort

    A Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Diet

    Just about everyone believes inflammation plays a part in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM). Check out two guide on how to lower inflammation through diet. From The Complete Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Foods From the Website... Find out more about anti-inflammatory...
  2. Jo-Jo

    Diet Gastroparesis

    Does anyone have gastroparesis which means very slow digestion. I’m sure a better diet would help me feel better. But first I am stumped about what to eat. I’m supposed to eat baby food essentially. But then because a paleo type diet does feel better I’m stumped. I can’t eat fiber, salads, only...
  3. LondonPots

    Brainfog: Not just histamine but BENZOATES?

    I've known for a while that I have a histamine sensitivity (all part of the loopy immune system, I'm assuming). What I only recently realised is that I have a massive natural-BENZOATE sensitivity too. If I eat raspberries, redcurrants, pumpkin, along with a host of other super-healthy (mostly...
  4. Cort

    Could a Diet Reduce the Pain in Fibromyalgia? A FODMAPS Study Suggests Yes

    Can something as simple as a diet reduce the pain in fibromyalgia? We know that diet can have a huge influence on health, but little study has been done on their effects on pain. Some evidence does suggest that some diets may be able to reduce or increase pain levels possibly through influencing...

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