1. Not dead yet!

    I'm trying Carnivore Diet temporarily

    I'm not an expert on this diet, but basically it's just eating meat and water. Most practitioners seem to get off of coffee and some use it to recover from addiction, based on the anecdotes online. Most recipes I've seen include spices and flavorings, most include dairy and eggs, and most...
  2. Cort

    Starter Video's for Those Trying a Ketogenic Diet

    You Can Do It! A Popular Guide Basic Stuff Tips Mistakes to Avoid How to Avoid the "Keto-Flu"
  3. Cort

    Ketogenic (Paleo Plus?) Diet How To's

    Someone (Remy?) said there are way to tell if you've reached ketosis. Can someone put that here? Other resources would be ways to track fat and protein content (cronometer, I think it is) and other dietary measuring apps. Plus ????
  4. Cort

    The Keto Summit: Could You Benefit from a Ketogenic / Paleo Type Diet?

    Now this is a Summit I can really get behind. I started my own version of a paleo/ketogenic diet about a month ago. A self confessed carbohydrate junkie - who didn't eat all that many carbs but when I did - watch out! - I had my doubts about my ability to do the high protein/fat/vegie diet...
  5. Cort

    Using Cronometer to Create A Mitochondrially Supportive Diet

    Dr. Mercola highly recommends Cronometer - a free dietary analysis tool - particularly if you're trying to achieve a diet that benefits your mitochondria or as he calls it a ketogenic diet. Mercola believes that many diseases are rooted in metabolic mitochondrial dysfunction. He believes that...

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