Using Cronometer to Create A Mitochondrially Supportive Diet

Using Cronometer to Create A Mitochondrially Supportive Diet

Dr. Mercola highly recommends Cronometer - a free dietary analysis tool - particularly if you're trying to achieve a diet that benefits your mitochondria or as he calls it a ketogenic diet.

Mercola believes that many diseases are rooted in metabolic mitochondrial dysfunction. He believes that glucose - which is provided by carbohydrates - is a "dirty fuel which generates lots of free radical when it burned. Fats, on the other hand, generate few. Of course, with high carbohydrate foods there's the problem with blood sugar. Most ME/CFS and FM patients do not do well with sugary foods.

One of the benefits of this diet, Mercola says, is a drastic reduction in inflammation

From Mercola's blog
Ultimately, when you switch from burning glucose as your primary fuel to burning fat as your primary fuel, your cells are more effectively and efficiently nourished and supported while cancer cells are frequently starved to death. As your body becomes increasingly efficient at burning fat for fuel, oxidative damage is reduced and mitochondrial function is optimized. This is the key to good health, disease treatment and prevention and longevity.

Mercola ended up partnering with Cronometer to develop a version that specifically focuses on mitochondrial metabolic therapy. This is a diet that is high in healthy fats, has moderate protein intake and is low in net carbs (total carbs minus fiber).

Plus! by using this version of Cronometer and entering personal health data and biomarkers, such as glucose or ketone levels you'll be providing data fora research project that will determine how effective this kind of dietary modification is. (All of your information is anonymous)

Besides giving information on your protein, fat, carbohydrate and fiber intake, Cronometer will also provide information on your omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, zinc-to-copper ratio, potassium-to-sodium ratio and your calcium-to-magnesium ratio.

He explains about the metabolic version of Cronometer in this video:

It takes several weeks to several months on this diet for your body to begin burning fats efficiently and stop relying on carbohydrates for its energy source.

Mercola gives healthy fat, protein and carbohydrate ratio's at the bottom of his blog on the Cronometer.

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