myalgic encephalomyelitis

  1. B

    Microbiome in CFS and ME

    Decades ago I experienced a year of chronic fatigue due to exposure to an industrial solvent called trichloroethylene. Years ago I was able to find research identifying specific changes which the solvent caused in cellular energy production. Yet recently I found this 2021 article linking the...
  2. LA2SD

    Anyone w/an Invisible Disease please read? Concerns re: our community

    Hello new fatigued friends, I suppose we can make this my introduction. :) I have unfortunately stayed away from the ME/CFS community for awhile, not totally, intentionally trying to, but there are reasons I've been away, but I should not have to. And now that I've joined Health Rising...
  3. ponypanic

    Low back pain

    Hi My story 3 months ago I was working full time, attending hot yoga and spinning once a week and generally active and motivated .. Then I developed a Temperature and felt unwell, I thought urine infection and passed blood, doctors thought renal colic and sent me to a&e , once there they thought...
  4. Master4thDegree

    How I put ME/CFS into remission....& even better

    Our stories leading up to ME/CFS and while battling it have some remarkable similarities. Yet due to subcategories of this illness, many of us fail to respond to treatments that work for others, and in fact some of us may get worse. The science behind ME/CFS is indeed still in it's infancy...
  5. S

    Petition 'Open Letter to the Minister of Health of Canada' re ME Crisis and Epidemic Numbers

    Hi Everyone, Please sign, share and help reach those who aren't on social media so they can sign the petition too. Forwarding the information and link to your family, friends, caregivers and support groups would be greatly appreciated. Just a reminder that international signatures are...
  6. J William M Tweedie

    Research to be Monitored Closely

    Human Vaccines Project, VUMC and Illumina team up to decipher genetic underpinnings of immune system The Human Vaccines Project and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) today announced that they joined forces with Illumina, Inc., to decipher the human immunome, the genetic underpinnings...
  7. Jill T

    Lead Up to and Exciting Results of Meeting with Government Officials Mar 23/17 in Ottawa Canada

    From Millions Missing Canada: Patients and Advocates Connecting With Ottawa Officials The Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Crisis in Canada will be Discussed at a meeting with officials in Ottawa on March 23rd, 2017. Please go to this link for more information...
  8. Jill T

    Will de Vega: Man of the Moment in ME Research in Canada!

    From Millions Missing Canada: ME Research in Canada: More on the BIG News this Past Week! Yes, you heard that right. For those of you who’ve missed the Breaking News – research into ME was published this past week in Canada! Wilfred de Vega, PhD candidate at U of T, found a huge difference...
  9. tearydawn

    CFS a form of MS?

    Is it possible that this is just a different form of MS? How many of us have brain lesions? I'm being monitored for MS at the moment. I've had symptoms for 16 years starting in the military post vaccinations. I do have small lesions in my frontal and occipital deep white matter...
  10. Jill T

    Video: Millions Missing Canada impromptu protest at Meet&Greet confronting Health Minister

    Millions Missing Canada advocating with Health Minister Jane Philpott at Meet & Greet in Toronto today! Well done everyone! Scott Simpson speaking with Minister Philpott at approx. 10:30
  11. Jill T

    Epigenetic modifications and glucocorticoid sensitivity in ME/CFS

    From Millions Missing Canada FB post: Sharing his exciting epigenetic research with us at the Toronto "Sick-In", Wilfred De Vega, PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, is presenting his breakthrough findings in a subgroup of ME patients at the International ME Conference in Fort...

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