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    Covid vaccinations emit RF signals despite being nonmagnetic, may cause sterility

    I caught this article about the covid vaccines which tries to minimize the fact that they are emitting RF signals in large amounts. [Are vaccine injections emitting electric and magnetic fields? (] This research article shows that the injection sites are showing RF skin...
  2. A

    MD Proposes Covid and Covid Vaccines are Actually Deadly Prion Bioweapons

    (Warning: This is a very serious post so if you aren't mentally ready to deal with a heavy subject then stop reading now.) A MD named J. Bart Classen has published a research article in Jan of 2021 where he stated that analysis of the RNA of the coronavirus-19 (covid) vaccine indicates that it...
  3. S

    Severe ME and the Covid Vaccine

    I can't find much discussion on here about people's experiences with the Covid vaccines (beyond the poll). I'm wondering if anyone here with severe ME (i.e., bedridden) has had the vaccine? If so, which one and how did you do with it? I'm not looking for pros and cons of getting it, but for...
  4. Not dead yet!

    Something's happening in vaccine research and we should pay attention bc it affects ME/CFS

    Once again, vaccine research and ME/CFS are being discussed together in scientific articles and among scientists. Someone who I consider to be a whistleblower published several articles and opinion pieces in journals under a fake name, Lars Andersson (who claimed to be a Swedish scientist but...

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