After 26 Years of Hell, the Pridgen Protocol Does it for X

Decades of severe illness are largely wiped away in 8 months on Pridgen Protocol

  1. Jayway

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    I am a new member but have had ME/CFS for 35yrs, with little help from doctors as I am in the UK. I would like to try Dr Pridgen's protocol and have been looking online for Celebrex/Famvir and have found some sites require a prescription and others not. As I am not likely to be able to get a prescription ( I have tried!) I would like to know if the sites not wanting one are safe to use. Can anyone help or recommend one?
  2. xcell

    xcell Member

    Can you tell me what dose she gets?
    Does she have antibodies (IgM, IgA, IgE?) against pathogens?
    Or treatment because of symptoms?

    My brother has no antibodies.

    What dose?

    I'm sorry, can't recommend a site.
    Have you already written down your story in short words and sent it to some ME specialists in your country?
    Maybe one of them helps?
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  3. xcell

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    Can you answer, please?
    Or do you not have that information?
  4. Jayway

    Jayway New Member

    Since my question of Nov 2nd, I have been pursuing treatment through private medicine. I got referred to a neurologist to whom I showed the Pridgen paper. He has agreed that I can try the Pridgen protocol for 16 weeks. I have just asked my GP for Celebrex/Famvir but as expected Famvir is not available on the NHS. I now have to go back to the neurologist to get a prescription, but the Pridgen paper doesn't have any dose information so I am in the dark.
    It is no use seeing ME specialists in the UK as all they know is CBT/GET
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