After Spending 200K Joey Finds His (Simple) Solution

After Spending 200k Joey Finds His (Simple) Answer


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Joey Tuan Finds His Answer - Afte spending 200K on doctors Joey finds a simple solution

Joey's breakthrough came around 2012 when after practicing extreme mold avoidance (getting new clothes, living out in desert) he found, to his shock and delight, he was able to hike and exercise vigorously again.

Some issues did remain but Joey's recovery was remarkable. He began HealClick - a website which sought to help ME/CFS and other patients find helpful treatments.

It's not clear what his health is now.
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I have found for myself, I'm better not doing the forums on a regular basis. If I don't focus on health and what's new, what may be relevent - I'm much better off. That desperate search for answers - almost with a feeling of fighting a fire. With visions of defeat and urgency. Having my mind focus on other things and less on how I feel and would this help......has actually given me more joy. Doesn't mean I'm any better. But I'm having more fulfilling life.

And as Joey said, science moves slow - though there is a lot in the works right now. But a few times a month - I can catch up. Still love ya @Cort, and the forum. This is a very valuable resource and I appreciate having it.



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I wrote about emeramide and ebselen on this forum, it appears no one else has mentioned it here. It helped me, at least for a little while and almost got rid of my chemical sensitivities, respectively.
Thanks... Joey so far as I know is still doing well.

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