Counting Your Spoons - A Pacing Practice

Resource Counting Your Spoons - A Pacing Practice 2018-04-10


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Counting Your Spoons - A Pacing Practice - An infographic to aid you in pacing

Counting Your Spoons is a practice devised by lupus sufferer Christine Miserandino to contextualise her illness for able-bodied audiences. She used 12 spoons to indicate her energy levels at the beginning of a typical day and would withdraw one or more spoons for each everyday task such as taking a shower, getting dressed or making breakfast. Her spoon count was almost zero by evening time,...

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We're on the same wavelength. I was just looking up what "spoonie" meant. LOL Good way to look at my limits.

I can report the success of being able to stand up and cook/clean for 5 hours... however, now I've crashed. Sigh. It was really nice though, feeling like I could do something useful. I made a wonderful meal of the sort I used to be proud of. Thankfully I have the leftovers to tide me over in the crash. They won't last long enough though... this is going to be longer than a week. Maybe I need to hire a cooking service. I'm just so curmudgeonly about money now. I want to save it for treatments.

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