Data from 6 studies show that COVID vaccines cause more harm than good in chronic illness patients


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Hearing on my news source, repors from the Young people on Cognitive issues and these people did the covid shots.

Yale Study on Self Reported Symptoms from Covid Shots

I was reading about a Yale study stating that the most common self-reported symptoms of the vax are: exercise intolerance, excessive fatigue, numbness, brain fog, and neuropathy. Participants reported a median of 22 symptoms, with a ceiling of 35. The median age of the participants was 46, and 80 percent were female.

Here is the 32 page pre-print, pending full peer review. The leads of the study state that no causal link can be firmly established, but inferences are strong.

What prompted this search are many and just the other day I heard on my news station, younger generation are complaining about cognitive issues....

I;m so thankful our family refused the covid jabs....grandson even dropped out of college for 2 yrs as he refused the shots... So thankful they could refuse them.


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It's been a 3 yr Nightmare for the People and Bonanza for Pharma and Govt Criminals.

So so terrible on the side effects and continuing damage from the Forced Shots.

I took none and have NOT take any shots in general for about 30 or more years.

KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG. We can All Do that without Govt.....
During the lockdowns ordinary people faced the most intensive pysop in history. Thankfully my wife and I resisted the tidal wave of propaganda and public shaming of those who questioned the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. Now more and more evidence is coming out proving that the Covid shots were never able to prevent transmission of or infection by the Sars-Cov2 virus.
As Professor Paul Marik, who was sacked from his job as head of the ICU at EVMS for using Ivermectin to successfully save lives, has repeatedly stated the vaccines could never have been granted emergency use authorization if there was a viable existing alternative. Hence why Ivermectin and other potent anti virals were demonized by quackademia, the MSM and governments the world over. And all just to make sure big pharma raked in billions in profit to make their shareholders even richer.


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Most of my good friends are antivaxers and anti government. I’ve lost THREE friends to Covid. All antivaxers. One of them had a 5 year old child and was healthy as a horse. Another had fibromyalgia.

In addition to that my best friend got Covid and almost died. She died a year and a half later from a heart condition that was likely made worse by Covid.

I have 2 other very good friends who now have Long Covid - one developed symptoms similar to Parkinson’s and she’s young.
So, I don’t believe all the hype against vaccines. I think it was all the unfortunate result of political nonsense.

I’ve had 5 Covid shots. My ME/CFS is severe but the shots didn’t make it any worse. Actually, they gave me a temporary increase in energy.
My cousin who was a very healthy had to go to hospital with heart issues after taking the first shot. I know other people whose family who were healthy and below 50 who have died from taking the shots. There is now a growing body of scientific evidence to show how the covid shots weaken the immune system. We were all lied to with the false claims that the shots prevented infection and transmission of the Sar-Cov2 virus. All BS and now disproven. The shocking levels of excess deaths since the mass roll out of the covid shots also should be a wake up call to society that the shots have done immense damage to large numbers of people who believed the lies they were told about the shots being safe and effective. I would refer you to the ongoing court case in the Uk against Astra Zeneca where its shots has been labelled 'defective'.


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I'm happy to report that I waited for the Novavax vaccine, got it a month ago, and have had no reactions at all! OK, a sore arm for a day. It's amazing to get so much protection from such a small inconvenience

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