Extreme Weather Sensitivity

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by Eset Isadore, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Eset Isadore

    Eset Isadore Active Member

    Rain and snow tend to be leveling for me. Profoundly leveling - above and beyond the already intense fatigue I manage. And I really do mean profound, and leveling.

    This has been true for decades - well before my ME became severe enough to be bedbound. Even when my ME was mild and moderate - when I could often function well enough that the outside world had no idea of the suffering behind the scenes - I could be laid flat by weather shifts. Precipitation causes the most exaggerated response; it will be always worth if wind and a temperature descent accompany it.

    Does anyone else experience this overpowering reaction to weather changes?
  2. voner

    voner Active Member

    I certainly do. Steeply dropping barometric pressure is the trigger for me. I feel like I have the flu and all my symptoms are elevated.
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  3. Curly

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    Changes in temperature affect my symptoms. When the weather is warm I overheat very quickly so tend to stay in when it's humid. When it's cold I struggle to keep warm. Any sudden changes in weather also seem to affect me. If there's a storm, heavy rain, heat wave, anything like that, I feel dreadful. Symptoms are exaggerated and I generally have to lie still until it passes
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  4. TJ_in_UT

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    I've noticed this myself. I feel better on warm, sunny, clear days, and worse when it's stormy and cold.

    I think barometric pressure is a part of it, but I've also noticed that I seem to have chronically low body temperatures.
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  5. Auntie Mary

    Auntie Mary New Member

    When the barometer is rising I am flying, when the barometer is falling I am more tired and the barometer in my area falls every afternoon which may have something to do with why I end up reading/napping, etc.
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