Ivermectin for Fibro.


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I didn't think she was mean at all....funny how texting can bring this about.
I thought it was a great story of heroism, stepping out to try damn near anything to rid ourselves of these horrible illnesses.
I took Ivermectin in January 2021 for covid. The infection was quite bad but I'd had lots of experience being bedridden in pain, and I'd done a lot of research and prepared myself as best I could. I made it through and in the month after my 3 week infection, I felt the best I had felt in nearly 20 years since my fibromyalgia diagnosis. I don't claim to understand exactly why, perhaps covid stimulated an immune response that helped, or perhaps it was ivermectin.

I got covid a second time a few months later and the infection was mild but my recovery was slow and included tachycardia and a worsening of my orthostatic intolerance, PEM and general fatigue. Based on later testing it looked like covid depleted me of minerals (especially potassium) and probably caused some additional dysbiosis in my gut. I didn't have Ivermectin the second time but will never know if this was a contributing factor.

I would love to have a few packets of this drug on hand and have just started to consider how I might be able to make that happen. I've had complex gut issues for 20 years and sometime I wonder about parasites that testing will never pick up. Seems to me that ivermectin is so safe that experimenting with it for this particular reason would be worth it for me.

I don't preach about it. I respect everyone's right to do their own research, find doctors they trust and make their own decisions. But like so many in this community, mainstream medicine left me disabled and facing poverty, yet making my own decisions and trying experimental treatments got me better.


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You can purchase iver many places. The vet form of iver, I'm told by my physician, is exact same formula at 1/5th the price or less, depending where you live

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Ivermectin, an anti parasite med hailed as a wonder drug when discovered years ago, is a cheap generic med finally authorized last week by NIH as a first line Covid treatment, after letting a few hundred thousand citizens die for Big Pharma profits. To the point for us, has anyone tried it for fibromyalgia? It has a very low risk profile, is cheap, and readily available. My adult son, recently cured of his second Covid bout with ivermectin, had symptoms scarily similar to both ME and fibro. Ok, maybe they are an end point for a different infectious process. But maybe not...virus/bacteria/etc. as a cause of our disorders has been up for grabs for decades. I have some apple flavored ivermectin horse parasite paste, oddly FDA approved, but am saving it for Covid as I’m not getting the vaccine, a Phase III test of 100 million people IMO. I’m trying to get a doc to prescribe me tablets instead of waiting for sketchy overseas stuff for months. I’d be interested in any thoughts or experiences with this med for us.
Can you tell me where you read that the NIH has authorized ivermectin as a first line treatment? I can’t find it online. My adult son has benefited from it for long COVID (two years sick, bedridden part of the time. Now working part time). Hard to convince anyone ivermectin is safe and effective-especially in Canada where doctors are FORBIDDEN from prescribing it!


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You are going to believe in ivermectin no matter what anyone says. Everyone else is a stooge, even doctors with PHDs, Doctorates, Masters's Degrees in Environmental Science, etc... There is nothing wrong with that. But why did you select this site as your platform to make your argument? No Doctors on this site's expert panel, nor the Doctors from the sponsors OMF, You + ME, etc... do not recommend this as a treatment. I'm really trying to follow all the links which are either removed, retracted, redacted, etc.. I have been successful in viewing many trials and studies from third-world countries. Then again the point is made that if you give ivermectin, a treatment for parasites in third world countries it will work on many people because parasites are more prevalent in many third world tropical countries. But there are also parasites that kill people if they take ivermectin because if you kill the parasite, the parasite kills the host like parasitoids and horsehair worms. I can see how any drug with antiviral properties will help people but I've yet to have it recommended for its use nor can I find any Doctors in the Boston area that will prescribe it to me. To say everyone that doesn't recommend it is evil or the enemy is not a fair statement.

As far as big pharma getting rich, all my vaccines have cost me nothing.
I have had ME for over 13 years and use this site to publish the interviews I do with scientists doing research into ME. If can't see how big pharma, the medical establishment and corrupt political class have demonised ivermectin with a massive propaganda campaign then you will never understand the points I have made. You consistently ignore the references I make to professor Paul Marik and the research they've done into ivermectin. I have a PhD myself and therefore have, despite the brain fog caused by my ME, the ability to do my own research and see through the despicable lies of all the advocates of big pharma. I'd refer you to the brilliantly researched book by RFK Jr on Fauci which goes into these issues and exposes how the agenda of big pharma has cussed immense damage and suffering.


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Hi, I’m just here wanting to share my experience with fibromyalgia and ivermectin. I was diagnosed in 2015 with horrible fibromyalgia. It got so bad that I couldn’t work anymore. I spent 3 years basically in bed, crying everyday. I started ivermectin paste twice a day in February of this year and within a week my brain fog was gone, I had more energy and my pain was lessening. 6 months later and I’m now back to work and living my life normally as I did before I was diagnosed. I really thought my life was over! Doctors couldn’t help me, medications didn’t help and only gave me horrible side effects. No cure for fibromyalgia??? I beg to differ and want to scream it from the rooftops. It’s crazy how people think I’m insane for what I’m saying and completely blow me off. It’s their loss. I can lead a horse to water but I sure can’t make them drink! Yes, I eat horse paste twice a day and I’ll never stop as long as I never have to feel that pain ever again! I hope my story can help someone else out there in pain!
Thanks for sharing your story it is very inspiring. It would be great to hear an update if possible.

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