James Coyne reveals Simon Wessley's behind-the-scenes efforts to protect PACE PIs

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  1. Merry

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    In a post published today in his blog Quick Thoughts, James Coyne pulls back the curtain on Simon Wessley's backstage machinations to protect the PACE researchers.

    In the post James Coyne publishes an email Simon Wessley wrote to a patient who had tweeted about PACE. In the email Simon continues to claim that PACE was well-conducted, significant research that supports the use of CBT and GET, which are, he says, the only treatments currently available to chronic fatigue syndrome patients. He complains that patients have made him out to be an ogre and implies that the demands for PACE data have caused one of the PACE researchers to develop a stress-related illness.

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    Simon Wessely clearly enjoys the attention he still gets even though he is not active in ME/CFS research although he still sees patients clinically.

    An interesting point is that relations between Coyne & Wessely started cordially, then began to break down when Coyne started to ask questions & got aggressive.