NICE Guidelines Recommend Heart Rate Monitoring...


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Who knew? But do doctors in the UK ever follow those recommendations? The author of the blog thinks not.

NICE guidelines for ME contain a little acknowledged recommendation to keep "exercise" at between 50 - 70% of maximum heart rate.

At first glance this would seem to suggest that patients can exercise at a brisk walk or gentle jog, because that's what healthy people need to do in order to exercise in this zone.

However the guideline clearly states that heart rate monitors should be used to keep exercise within this target zone.

Find out what her heart rate monitor says and more here -


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I use a Fitbit to monitor my heart rate. It has definitely helped as I was surprised what raised my heart rate and what didn't.


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I'm in the uk. I didn't know and my doctor has never suggested it. I bought my own heart monitor and discovered that I couldnt walk up a single flight of stairs without raising my heart rate to an unacceptable level. I rarely wear the monitor now but it showed me when I need to stop and rest and initially that was far sooner than I'd realised.

If I'd been willing to go for GET I suspect they might have loaned me a monitor.


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I'm in the UK as well. when I mentioned to my GP that I was using a heart rate monitor, she was interested but had obviously not realised it was in the guidelines. It is really useful, I realised when I was getting a bit stressed at work as my HR went up. And also how SLOWLY I need to walk up slopes, or that annoying little beep goes off. (I can turn it off, or set it to go off at a higher rate.)

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