Reflux or something else?

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@ShyestofFlies Thanks for the info but this isn't necessarily related to eating. I wake up and it's a problem. And again, it's not burning, just this weird sensation that sometimes radiates out to my boobs.

I just ate blueberries and no problem. And I rarely eat acidic food. And sitting up is mostly impossible for me.

I cannot eliminate my mobic without being in excrutiating pain.

Oh and I saw a gastro, there is nothing. This is one of those odd things. It started out of the blue last week with nothing but a hugely stressful situation right before. It seems to be easing up.

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Also, I have no idea if this is reflux. I don't think it is. Since we have such oddball crap I was looking for something other than reflux or anything GI.


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Ah I should of explained better, when I said the hiatal hernia is made worse by laying down I didn't mean the pain/sensation is made worse- but the actual condition itself. It takes a long time (months/years) to develope and the sensations from it can be like you described but don't always realte to eating. It could be so early in its developement that a gastro can't see anything yet.

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This is very low on my list of priorities to take care of. And my gastro, well she may be good for colonoscopies but she pretty much is in the dark ages when it comes to other stuff.

Thanks for the input.

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