Science is Broken...'Scientific Regress'.

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    It's bad enough that science has been hijacked.

    It's even worse that our medical care and treatment is based on a flawed system. If the literature determines whether or not an insurance company will approve a treatment, it gosh darn better well be correct.

    Think of all the people out there screaming scorn at everyone who dares to challenge the status quo surrounding "evidence based medicine" when you read this article. They are the real quacks and the real threats to science.

    This is a (long) but great read.
    Full text here.
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    Exactly. I mentioned before that my daughter is a researcher at a medical school at a large university. She has a lot of publications. However, her place at the university depends on the grants she receives. She has a 5 year NIH grant, but when that runs out her position of assistant prof. will end if she does not soon get another grant.

    I mentioned to her that I appreciated that her research would be honest, even if her original hypothesis was not supported. She told me that I did not understand. Null results translates to no more grants. No more grants translates to no university position.

    Scientists simply can not operate independently and report honestly. It is a terrible situation.
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