SEVERE CFS help. Newbie


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45 year old male
Ex bodybuilder
6 feet 220 pounds and muscular.

Forced to sell 3 businesses as unable to function properly. Currently in retired mode trying to find normalcy again.

Purchased a bunch of CFS supplements and resting as much as possible.

3 months into the recovery process and no difference. I'm still working out 4 times a week with weights and HARD and afraid that working out is not helping me out. There are days im bed bound despite impeccable diet and rest.

I avoid any other physical activity but weight lifting is a priority and mentally satisfying.

Help please for those who have lifting experience and CFS. Thank you in advance.


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Bryance: I've posted a lot here on the use of HGH and CFS and Dr. Kent Hortorf in Torrance CA uses HGH on many of his patients. He does not use the one I use: Here's a video on the Somaderm and a person with CFS.

I'm using Somaderm going on 16 months and my daughter going on 2 yrs. She is a distributor and is sold on it and so am I.

I've tried to get many here to go with it but I don't think they have.

I am 83 soon, no CFS but other issues including aging and it's life changing.

I have a friend who has debilating ME and she's been on disability and I brought this HGH to her attention but did not go with it.


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Here is the link I posted here.



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And I strongly recommend for general good strong Immune SYstem support: Grape Seed Extract, and I've been taking it over 25 yrs and no colds, flu and no vaccines since taking it.

If one is taking a pharma blood thinner, then can't take both, as Grape Seed Ex, cleans and thins our blood. And I got rid of all allergy drugs once taking it a short while. Long history of allergy issues. I have posted about Grape Seed Ex around here.


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I used to weight train until a work exposure and heat stroke wiped me out so I'll offer a few suggestions. Obviously, given my own experience, chemicals and toxic exposures can be the cause. Electrolyte imbalances can really mess you up, resulting in things like dysautonomia and so on. There's always the possibility that you might have overdone things, resulting in acidosis. This can cause the sudden exchange of hydrogen from the blood with potassium from the cells. The sudden oxidation in muscles can result in rhabdomyolysis or myoglobinuria; there's not too much difference in my own opinion. If that were the case it might be worth getting some tests for myositis specific antibodies; that's what I wound up testing positive for. Oh, and if you haven't tried it, ubiquinol can make a big difference if you're not too far gone though very little difference if you are.


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Hi Bryanc4 I see you are in sunny Florida. I find that sun exposure greatly exacerbates my physical fatigue and strain from working out. I can be ok working out as long as I don't get a lot of sun. If I get a lot of sun combined with working out hard, I feel like I am going to die. I actually stopped going to workout at the gym about a year ago bc of the combination of sun and 3 hard workouts in a short time frame, it took me weeks to feel ok after that and it made me nervous about the gym bc I never want to feel that bad again. I don't know if this helps, but if you find the sun exacerbates things perhaps be careful of getting both a lot of sun and heavy lifting. Hope you are doing ok


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Since my last post I have learnt something else which might assist. Muscles are contained within tough sheathing in our bodies, which holds the fibres together. If something causes the muscles in a particular bodypart to swell, as a consequence of inflammation, then the muscles can be crushed within that sheathing. This is called compartment syndrome. A part of my own picture of ill-health is that I experienced this in my abdominal muscles. This completely undermined physical function throughout my whole body and has lasted for nearly eight years now. Physicians misdiagnosed the condition, which is also linked to COPD, so I have been forced to do all of the detective work myself. I found an article the other day which explains how the pulmonary system, cardiac system, and abdominal pressures, can all affect each other. I guarantee you that trying to move muscles which are being crushed in this way is a truly Olympian effort.

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