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The astonishing part is that the patients were not the ones to realise summit aint right here. Forked out thousands. It was finally her lover who alerted one of her clients as she feared this psychotherapist would go even further and rape or murder them.

laughable is the judges comment:

"Summing up, Judge Ian Pringle said: ‘You have for many years practised as a psychotherapist. It is clear from the letters I have read that for many people you have provided a valuable service…"

Who took notice of letters written by former clients.

I see most psychotherapy on this abuse scale from 'invisible'/mild to 'obvious'/extreme.
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I reported my title yesterday for editing of spelling error 'surprise'... apologies!
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Wacko American that I am, I interpreted "mummy milk" as milk from the dead. What a terrible story, @Empty. The therapist in her effort to sexually abuse clients asks them to imagine Biblical imagery. Gee.

Judge Pringle says it's clear (from reading letters of support?) that the therapist provided a valuable service? What?


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Sorry Merry I only saw your reply today.
It took a while to get the equally disturbing imagery of 'Mummy Milk' lol I don't know which is worse.

More lies from a psychologist as she didn't even give them Mummies Milk!
Oh I forgot we are in the 'Lets pretend' profession.

‘Her hands and legs became fidgety and she was told that this was her body “trying to get mother to lactate”.

This is disturbing and one the Alternative therapists use a lot to claim that their therapy is doing something.

The twitching that occurs is apparently not part of the neurological disease which occurs whether a therapist is there or not or by being short of Magnesium etc., instead it is the bodies way of talking to the therapist. Of course the body doesn't talk to us directly because we don't have these magic qualifications.

The body is answering questions the therapist is asking in their heads,
or is simply a healing reaction and proof healing is working! In this instance the therapist decided it meant the body was 'trying to get Mother to lactate'..

its only really one baby step further to some of the offensive, ridiculous beliefs being imposed, suggested for M.E.

The judge also spoke of this therapists lack of empathy leading her to be manipulative, again begs the question of how many letters provided were from her Christian cult or from brainwashed clients and wondered how he could make this statement. Curious as to which Christian cult too.

I know many therapists who use their empathy and sensitivity to be highly manipulative and abusive of patients basic rights too.
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Just for the record, there are some good psychologists out there, although how many may vary from country to country. The problem is:
  • there are WAY to many bad ones
  • all of them are given too much power for their skills and qualifications
  • there's really no way to know whether you've got a good one until you're well and truly in the soup because...
  • their profession teaches them that it's not only acceptable, but good practice, to deceive and outright lie to their patients
I've encountered a number of therapists in my long life, as a patient, as a family member of a patient, as a close friend of a patient, and as a professional colleague. Some of them were wonderful people with remarkable talent for helping people. Most were not. One major difference between the good and the bad was that the good ones chose not to lie to their patients. I only know that after long experience with them. There's no way to tell in the beginning.

My general feeling is that they're not worth the risk. You could get a good one who could really help or a really bad one that will ruin your life or mess with your head. It's too much like playing Russian Roulette for my taste.

Although I can't imagine why the patients of the psychologist above couldn't see she was bad news pretty early in the relationship. There's bad, and then there's REALLY bad.

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