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Signs. symptoms and tests for SIBO

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    Testing for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) - Do you have SIBO? Find out if you do....

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    Hi Cort,

    In your resource you wrote:

    Hydrogen / Methane Breath Test

    ...The hydrogen sulfide and methane gases..."

    Most test do not measure hydrogen sulfide but hydrogen hence the name hydrogen/methane breath test. A wikipedia description is here It doesn't even mention hydrogen sulfide.

    I had the hydrogen/methane breath test about 4 years ago and no problem was detected. It could have been because I was still better, but with what I know now it may well be hydrogen sulfide that was the culprit in my case and that was not tested. I haven't redone the testing since but recently learned I have a severe reaction against fructose.

    I also start to suspect that the amount of bacteria in the small intestine does vary a lot with having dhiarea, normal stool or constipation. Dhiarea after all is flushing of the contents of the bowel and that includes its bacterial content. With SIBO frequent oscillating between these states is quite common and might therefore affect test results depending on the state your bowels are currently in.
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    Hmmm. It's a bit confusing. I got the H2S from somewhere!

    This study mentions H2S in connection with the breath test but I wonder if they're writing about a different breath test...

    It looks like that's right. There are two different hydrogen breath tests - one of which is more effective for H2S SIBO. Interestingly that Dr. Siebecker does not mention that.
  4. There is one additional test that helped me figure out the dysbiosis in addition to the breath test, and that is the urine metabolite test, either by Genova Diagnostics or Great Plains Labs.

    • The Great Plains Laboratory
    Nutritional and Metabolic Profile (OAT and Amino acids)

    • Genova Diagnostics
    NutrEval FMV or ONE (Optimal Nutritional Evaluation) FMV