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    101 year old Cardiothoracic surgeon discusses the reasons for his decision to go vegan 50 plus years ago.

    Heart warming story :)

    Just what the Doctor ordered.
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    Why Doctors Don't Recommend a Vegan Diet.

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    My aunt is 101 and a carnivore.
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    This is a fun, great energy piece on the Happy Healthy Vegan channel.

    Currently, an Australian man, Andrew is on a Potato ONLY diet for a YEAR!!! Lol (God, I love you tube).

    They talk us through the interview on an American Doctors chat show: "Drs"

    Apparently, potatoes do provide all the necessary nutrition. He is very happy so far, says he has had fewer bouts of anxiety and depression, being monitored, possibly by Dr. McDougall? and has lost a healthy amount of weight...
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    ha ha :)
    Best not let them meet or she may eat him!
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    Happy Healthy Vegan Vs Drs (T.V. show)

    This was referenced above when Happy Healthy Vegan appeared on their T.V. show. I love the thoughtless, non-scientific knee-jerk reaction Doctors have when discovering people eat more than one or two bananas a day.

    Doctors are frightened of bananas. Lol
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    Vegan Doctors sound tasty! LOL

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    Here is an entertaining clip of Dr.Oz fearful of bananas.

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    @Empty yikes! doctors are so easily scared... what about those people eating nothing but bananas? there used to be an extensive website from this guy surviving on nothing but bananas, but it seems to have disappeared. I wonder why! 30 bananas a day seems pretty out there too though...

    then there's the guy who claims to survive on nothing but durian, that big stinky fruit

    the macrobiotic movement in the seventies would survive for weeks (or months?) on nothing but brown rice because it had 'all the nutrients we need'.

    I'm starting to see a recurrent theme here. But hey, whatever works, right? ;)
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    I thought that was one and the same person! (a person I know IRL)
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    maybe! I know there's loads of people who eat only bananas. but not a lot of people only eating durian...

    do you know if that person is still doing this? is it working out for them?
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    I have never heard of anyone trying to live on bananas only?

    There is a thing called "banana island" where you eat only bananas (or another fruit) for a short period of time as a cleanse and a chance to get digestion up to scratch.

    But then mainly bananas just become a staple.

    great article on durian:

    I have never tried it. The description doesn't encourage me though, it sounds worse than that cheesy fruit, I forget the name of it.

    Durian has been banned on the Singapore subway LOL
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    Is this DR you know, IRL @Snow Leopard? Are you an athlete?
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    Yes, you guessed correctly. I'm not an athlete (I surely would be a cyclist and runner if not for having ME as a teen!), but I know a few cyclists & runners!
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    Extreme Drama :)

    Cyclist at heart here too....
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    Why did Steve Jobs die? Interesting viewing. Just watching it now.

    Born 1955 Died 2011

    3:53 "Tacit Permission... when I got sick, I realised other people would write about me if I died, and they wouldn't know anything. They'd get it all wrong. So I wanted to make sure someone heard what I had to say"

    4:00 Jobs would have been pleased
    4:55 Setting the record straight for friends & family

    21:54 Cancer spread when he was 27 yrs old (Cancer started 24 yrs old)

    22:05 Jobs delayed surgery for 9 months
    Cancer first seen on CAT scan Oct 2003 age 48
    Surgery performed Jul 31 2004 age 49

    22:28 Steve Jobs was told by everybody, his wife, his friends, his physicians that he was a fool
    to have delayed surgery for 9 months .......

    28:47 How did Jobs get Cancer as a teenager, or young adult? He worked in silicon valley

    31:19 Discusses Diet Factors

    34:47 The Ultimate Insult to Jobs. They forced him to eat meat

    40:33 A small Token. The Truth.
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    Dr. Michael Gregor began eating a plant based diet in 1990. I found this website and a link to his book: Carbophobia.
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    I thought this was a spoof photo at first, then, still not believing what I was seeing, thought he was wrapped up in a duvet...

    Good interview though.
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