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I believe in vegan diet, when you have healthy diet you have healthy mind

I am going to start a thread, as discussed earlier, around the psychology of being vegan and what that means. It will be based upon Dr. Melanie Joy's new book "Beyond Beliefs". I have not read it yet, since its not yet available but I think it will be a valuable tool.

I am doing that because I was psychologically traumatised by the mass/forced prescription and dominant suggestion (without any scientific evidence base) that my ME would be fixed if only I would consume dead flesh along with handfuls of supplements.

Not only is that erroneous, sloppy medical advice, I believe it is causing diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc. and so directly harmful to patients.

This thread covers the science, studies, nutritional bodies, and some individual stories and Doctors, all supporting a whole food vegan diet for optimal physical health, since there is still a lot of media and medical myth out there.

I think you are quite right, that food does affect thoughts and mood.
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After watching What The Health, Formula 1 Driver Lewis Hamilton goes vegan.
This is a great inspiring message including an offer of support and help in case he hits any bumps in the road during the transition.


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Arkansas Children’s Hospital has made its patient menu more healthful by removing cancer-causing hot dogs. Hot dogs should not be served to patients because they are the No. 1 choking risk for children and are linked to an increased risk of colon cancer says the Physicians Committee—a nonprofit of 12,000 doctors. Arkansas is in the colon cancer corridor, a cluster of nine states with high death rates from colorectal cancer.

"Arkansas Children’s Hospital is becoming a leader in preventing diet-related diseases by providing tasty, plant-based options and removing hot dogs from patient menus,” says Lee Crosby, R.D., staff dietitian for the Physicians Committee.

This menu upgrade aligns with a resolution recently issued by the American Medical Association (AMA). The resolution calls on hospitals “…to improve the health of patients, staff, and visitors by (1) providing a variety of healthful food, including plant-based meals and meals that are low in fat, sodium, and added sugars, (2) eliminating processed meats from menus, and (3) providing and promoting healthful beverages.”

The AMA’s call to eliminate processed meat, like hot dogs, is supported by strong scientific evidence....


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All my nutritional blood tests (including active b12), cholesterol panel etc. are spot on.

Decreasing sources of heme iron in the diet is another potential strategy for decreasing risk of metabolic syndrome and another reason why vegetarian and vegan diets may be protective against metabolic syndrome [and may also be beneficial in lowering heart disease risk]

In the dose-response analysis, an increase in heme iron intake of 1mg/day appeared to be significantly associated with a 27% increase of CHD

"up to 12% increased risk of Cancer from every 1mg of daily heme iron exposure"

When separating out Meat Iron from plant Iron:

In this population-based, prospective study of men, intake of heme iron, but not nonheme iron, was associated with an increased risk of total stroke and cerebral infarction

Higher heme iron intake and increased body iron stores were significantly associated with a greater risk of T2DM. Dietary total iron, non-heme iron, or supplemental iron intakes were not significantly associated with T2DM risk.

"You can actually tell how much meat someone is eating by looking at their tumours..."
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How to find Vegan food when eating out:

Have had 100% delicious vegan and gluten free food via this handy website.
Trying out a couple of places a month!

A timely reminder!:

"Eating out in restaurants is the second most common way people consume too many calories, even when they make efforts to eat vegan. Plan on it—these commercial food outlets are going to try to please you at every meal by enhancing the flavor of your dishes with added sugars, refined flours, and vegetable fats. The best solution is to fix all your own meals at home and pack your lunches for when you are away. Carry a cooler of food when you travel long distances. Short of following this serious recommendation, find restaurants that will serve you basic foodstuffs, like whole beans, steamed rice, baked potatoes, green salads, and plain fruits."
Dr. John McDougall


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The Plantrician project

Plant.ri.cian: A physician or clinician empowered with knowledge of the benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition

The Plantrician Project Mission: To educate, equip and empower our physicians and healthcare practitioners with knowledge about the indisputable benefits of plant-based nutrition. To provide them with the resources they, in turn, use to inform and inspire their patients to shift from the Western industrialized diet to a life-changing, whole-food, plant-based way of living.

Dr. Stoll co-founded the International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference after recognizing the urgent need to educate and motivate healthcare professionals to use whole, plant-based foods as a foundation for healing and disease prevention
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This couldn't have come at a better time. Well, its coming on 5th December.

The How NOT To Die..... Cook Book by Vegan Doctor, Dr. Michael Greger:




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The Human Rights Act concerns your relationship with the government or state institutions. If the state interferes with your veganism in a way not allowed under Article 9 then it will be acting unlawfully. State organisations are institutions such as the education authority, the police force, the fire service, the health service and so on. If these organisations interfere with your ability to live according to your vegan beliefs then you may have a claim under Article 9. In hospital you should be given a good vegan diet. In school your vegan beliefs should be respected in art, cooking, sports and, of course, if food is provided for you.
The Human Rights Act requires public authorities to ensure that people’s rights are respected
The Equality and Human Rights Commission have given assurance that Article 9 protects veganism.

The Equality Act in Great Britain Only:
Under the Equality Act 2010 vegans have the right to be treated fairly in provision of goods and services and to be treated equally in the workplace.

There should be no prioritising of religions and beliefs in the workplace. There should be no bullying, victimisation or harassment.

Examples of what vegans have achieved by discussing the Equality Act in the UK include safety/uniform footwear (for example post office staff, police and industrial site workers), accessories made using skin from other species - often provided by default - have been replaced by ethical alternatives: ipad cover for example.

Where a school provided pupils with a free drink (derived from female cows) and biscuits made with derivatives of other species, discussions about the Equality Act ensured that the school also obtained suitable vegan alternatives despite initially requesting that the parents bring their own vegan refreshments in for their children. This was unfair under the Equality Act.

Employers are slowly beginning to understand their duties under equality provisions. Provision for vegans would have been understood much better if the Equality and Human Rights Commission had not removed the examples explaining how to provide for vegans from the Code of Practice for Employers. There are still obstacles for vegans. For example, vegan school children have experienced bullying and victimisation and public sector employers, who spend money on building a prayer room for a religious employee, whilst ignoring the needs of vegans, inadvertently overlook their duties under equality provisions...

There are many circumstances in which vegans are treated or considered worse than nonvegans, both in the private and the public sphere, either due to the presence of a bias against them ("vegaphobia") or for structural reasons. For instance, vegans sometimes suffer harassment, have issues at their workplace, or find little vegan food available. In many cases they are forced to contribute to, or to participate in, animal exploitation against their will when states render it illegitimate to oppose or refuse to support some uses of animals. For the most part this remains socially invisible. Vegans, however, often recognize this as a form of discrimination against them. But they seldom campaign against it...
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@Empty , I've been doing some long overdue clean up on this thread based on the exchanges reported by you a long time ago. If there are any other problems in this thread, please report them to help save me some time! My apologies for not seeing this at the time.


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You shouldn’t even look for a vegetarian-oriented doctor…You don’t really care what your doctor personally eats, as long as his bad habits don’t turn into unhealthy recommendations. However, you do want a doctor who will respect your diet and lifestyle choices and not try to undermine them—or worse yet, challenge you with nonsense like the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet.

Ideally, you are looking for a traditionally-trained doctor, not completely brain-washed by the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, who is interested in you becoming healthy through better self-care, and by your being actively involved in your own healthcare​

My experience has been that most of these “alternative” physicians are still focused on “pills for ills.” The difference is they are prescribing vitamins, minerals, natural hormones, and other supplements—with enthusiasm. The results of their remedies are similar to the ones sold to you by pharmaceutical companies, providing few benefits with significant costs and side effects. Other alternative doctors use methods that have not been established to be beneficial, such as those using chelation and ozone therapy—so be careful

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