Yum, chocolate!


I'm not sure this really counts as "treatment" but they are tasty!

They have half the carbs of a normal Hershey type bar and are sweetened with stevia.

I think they taste pretty great.



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Of course there are suggested important benefits from chocolate. Testing by Consumer Labs showed serious issues with several brands, including traces of cadmium.
2 of the purer with high levels of flavonoids where Bakers Unsweeten baking bar and Cocovia, I use the unsweetened.

OK, how does one eat unsweeten baking chocolate, well I eat it with crystalized ginger and love it. The Cocovia is a little more of an issue, I use to mix it in milk and gelled chia, its quite good but as I've gotten away from diary I have yet to find a substitute.

The great thing about Bakers is with a little ginger, to me it taste great. You get a delightful treat that actually is beneficial. If you develop a taste for dark chocolate it is one of those win/win things. ( i hate that phrase)

oh and the Bakers is Cheeeep!

Who Me?

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@Upgrayedd You're evil! Do you eat just a square at a time? Whenever I have chocolate or something that is usually a treat for me (like ramen) it calls to me and I must eat the entire thing.

I kind of like the idea of the chocolate and ginger. @rebar Can you give more info on your chocolate and ginger? I'm kind of clueless. Where to get, etc. How do you mix it?


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The 88% is so 'not sweet' that I don't get the urge to eat that much of it. I usually break off 4 small squares, which is like one row and it's enough. With the sweeter stuff, I can't stop, so I avoid it.

Of course, if I'm still hungry, there's always cheese...


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Who/me, nothing more than Bakers unsweetened baking chocolate and crystalize ginger, available at most supermarkets. A bite of the ginger and a bite of the chocolate.
If you try and only eat the unsweetened chocolate you most likely not enjoy the experience. I personally try to avoid sugar, I feel like the ginger is a compromise.


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I'm sure the choc/ginger combo is delicious, but crystalized ginger is ginger coated in sugar! It's fine if that's what someone wants, but it's really more like candy than ginger.

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