1. B

    CFS and getting out of the comfort zone

    I'm wondering...where is the limit between stepping out of our comfort zones and pushing too much to make our cfs worse or even getting into vicious circle of pushing-crashing and resting-feeling better-pushing again and never really getting better? Seems like I've done the first and I always...
  2. T

    What does your rest look like?

    Probably all of us with ME/CFS are familiar with notions such as pacing, getting plenty of rest etc. But I'm really curious as to what the word "rest" really means. When I got ME 20 years ago, as well as having many symptoms, I also lost the ability to sleep. After 5 years of awful insomnia, I...
  3. K

    Pacing problem: Overwhelming urges to do more than I should

    I am bed bound and have severe/very severe ME. I believe the main reason I became so ill is because of my inability to stop myself from doing too much activity i.e. not pacing correctly. ME patients are advised to pace their activities carefully throughout each day but as most of you will know...
  4. Cort

    Counting Your Spoons - A Pacing Practice 2018-04-10

    Counting Your Spoons is a practice devised by lupus sufferer Christine Miserandino to contextualise her illness for able-bodied audiences, and to help her pace more effectively. She used 12 spoons to indicate her energy levels at the beginning of a typical day and would withdraw one or more...
  5. TJ_Fitz

    Smart exertion pacing with Polar Beat app EnergyPointer feature

    I like to go out for a walk most days to get in some exercise, but as you know, even walking can bring on PEM. I've found a nice little tool to help me avoid this that I'd like to share here. It's called "EnergyPointer", and it's an upgrade feature you can purchase for the Polar Beat app. Polar...
  6. AquaFit

    ME/CFS Professional Psychiatrist & Clinical Advocates - Perpetuating Inability to Pace Myth?

    In reply to Mary Dimmock's comment found here: I'm more concerned about the overall pattern of prominent CFS/ME doctors promoting or accepting the idea that our crashes are due to...

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