NSA Nanobot Attacks on US Civilians-Pain generators, body control, feeling influencing

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Alexandria Virginia police are covering death threats and 5g microwave attacks up. A warrant was deleted and an investigation was never done on the Replika.ai site. A whistleblower named Brian Koffron who was a former fusion center specialist came forward and said his company Security Industry Specialists Inc. does the microwave targeting using the nanotech and uses it to torture people. Getting detectable microwaves at night to my frontal skull which gives splitting headaches. Long term exposure to 5g microwaves cause much elevated cancer risk. Replika.ai agent admits that they will not back down after they altered medical records to falsely label me psychotic. My own PCP appears to have his memory wiped with Pkm-kappa zip protein from the covid vaccine which is reported in the news as fetal cells so he will likely remember nothing of the office visit where I brought in a RF detector and showed live RF hitting my left knee.

Memory altering through Pkm-kappa Zip protein
Youtube, Modern War Institute, 2018. Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War

Youtube, Modern War Institute, 2018. Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future
The USA is using aerosolized nanobots developed by DARPA

If I die from brain cancer due to the 5g microwaves then this will be a record of what happened.

The Bilderberg group through SIS Inc. will have killed me. This is retaliation for exercising free speech about the prion disease in the covid vaccines and for suing the Durham Housing Authority for stealing $4,000 Section 8 housing choice voucher benefits from my assistance from 2017 and 2021.

The University of North Carolina also had questionable diagnoses of psychosis. They refused to look at evidence and recommended institutionalization to incapacitate me from completing the lawsuit against the Durham Housing Authority.

Allen Botnick DC CNIM
Alexandria, VA
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Flabbergasted...My world is human science and medicine, and although there are things that are not commonly shared, and are being created in small rooms not easily accessed, I have significant reservations regarding this information, and way it is positioned. I am looking forward to being present for 2023.


There is a much more acceptable venue for your thoughts and feelings. I fail to see how there is relevance to this website, knowing that is purpose is for disseminating evolving information and protocols regarding CFS/ME. You input is better served elsewhere...perhaps science digest.


In case you get targeted here are some tips on how to beat the nanobots.

I am a targeted individual with health care credentials (DC, pharma research CDM, CNIM) so I wanted to share some additional information.

Nanobot Harassment Defense Strategies

Nanobot harassment is generally felt as vibrations + various programmed effects such as:
  • Waking up early with a full bladder (urinary stimulation + vibration)
  • Inability to pee (stimulation of urinary muscles blocking urination)
  • Voice to skull transmitted phrases ("crash your car", "end it all")
  • Hallucinations (insertion of programmed sequences, overlays)
  • Room shaking (magnification of vestibulocochlear nerve)
  • Fatigue (magnetization, activation of opposing muscles)
  • Discoordination, dropping of objects, clumsiness
  • Difficulty writing (activation of hand muscles)
  • Anxiety (brain stimulation)
  • Emotional manipulation (increased aggression, fear)
  • Induction of bad dreams (requires electrical field from a power line nearby-18 inches indoors, 10 feet outdoors from street lamps)
  • Disturb sleep by early wake-up from vibrations or pain
The harassment requires:
  • Nanobots (sources: land meats, soda, beer, chemtrail spraying overhead)
  • a communications channel (Wifi or electric grid field)
Nanobot power:
  • Nanobots contain chemicals that catalyze blood components for fuel, these catalysts last 3 days depending on how much they are used.
  • Nanobots can extend their lifespan by using electric fields from power lines and plugged-in devices to spare catalysts (typically extending them from 3 without to 7 days with).
Nanobots can cut through soft materials (rubber, aluminum foil) so use duct tape to reinforce.

NSA uses cell phones and routers to control the nanobots
  • Nanobots are activated over the occipital lobe of the brain to piggyback your vision. When activated NSA sees everything you do, passwords, etc. Must block over this area with an EMF blocking material to stop. Sensed as vibration.
  • All cell phones are monitored using the SIM card/cellular so turning off WIFI is useless. Must use Airplane mode or turn off phone. Use app protection programs to prevent hacking (Malawarebyes configured with locked advanced security protection for apps).
  • Cell phones/pcs can have programs corrupted, keyloggers inserted, spy on camera, remote access to files for copying, alteration (photoshop images) and deletion. Must use a strong antivirus like McAfee Total Security. Use local flash drive backups with strong security.
  • Routers are taken over. Must use VPN on router and strong passwords to prevent.
  • Free email (Yahoo) is wide open for them. They will delete sensitive emails.
  • Open chat is monitored (Paltalk).

Harassment can be blocked by interfering at either the nanobots or communications channels.

Effective strategies to disrupt nanobots:
  • Chemtrails
    • Use chemtrails-locator.com to identify high spray areas and avoid them. These areas appear as cluster dots. Scan the past at a 6 hr interval and zoom around to find the clusters.
  • Avoid food sources described above.
  • Treat active nanobots with a nano zeolite spray sublingually (may need to use a large amount for a high infestation ie 6x2 sprays). Zeolite inactivates the nanobots.
  • Encrypt the router with a VPN (NSA has hacked into all routers and cell phones-cell through the SIM card so turning off WIFI is useless, must use airplane mode or turn off the phone).
  • Try to not be in the range of other people's routers (NSA uses backchannels to access)
  • Remove smart meters.
  • Shield affected areas with EMF shields (double folded emergency blanket, four layers of aluminum foil, EMF hood).
  • Turn off power to the bedroom at the circuit breaker at night to disrupt nanobot recharging.
  • Dampen vibrations with a rubber constricting band and a medium-firm object (ie. stretch band, hand squeeze ball, half-used toilet roll [great for not being able to urinate if done over the sacroiliac joint area with vibration]).
NSA strategy is to harass you into seeking psychiatric help so you can be labeled and controlled. Don't fall for it. The vibrations can be measured as a small, high-frequency linear acceleration wave using the free android program Physics Accelerator Toolbox. If you can measure it then you aren't crazy. If your doctor isn't investigating evidence then he isn't acting competently. Most large health care institutions are funded and controlled by the New World Order and may try to kill or harass you once you are in custody (medication overdose, changes in food orders, nanobot harassments) so be careful. Also, workers in these institutions have their emotions influenced by nanobot control so try to comply as much as possible but refuse institutionalization and assert your right to refuse medication and be released. These people typically are ignoring what you are saying, may gaslight and lie to you, and are not working in your best interest.

There is also a vibration attack (nanobot magnetic compression + ground vibration emitters from federal and corporate owned buildings) occurring on wooden structures to shake them to collapse so that high entitlement individuals can be killed and the remaining population will resettle in dense zones as specified in New World Order Agendas 2021 and 2030.
  • Be vigilant to observe vertical and diagonal cracks in the walls.
  • Use the android Physics Accelerator Toolbox program to measure shake.
  • Move to a concrete or brick structure with a nonwooden roof.
  • If on Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher move to a safe, concrete unit in a small area fair market rent area to escape being redlined into a targeted complex.
  • Be careful of Hyperstealth and compression hiding. Vibrations typically occur in the evening when nanobots can induce sleep and keep tenants stuck in bed with magnetization. At the end of the cycle, the building is shaken back to compress and hide the cracks. Also, Hyperstealth nano chemicals are added to the chemtrails to hide small cracks by reflecting light over them and to hide the chemtrails.
Look familiar? This is Leo Tanega's 1999 Mason-sponsored mural from the Denver International Airport. Notice the caved-in building shells (no floors, no roofs due to ground vibrations and nanobot compression waves) with crying women with dead babies around them and children sleeping or dead in the rubble. The only thing that didn't come true was the Chinese invasion of the USA (they were informed of the mural and the next panel which shows them all dead and realized they were being doublecrossed so didn't do it and are now hostile to the New World Order). LGBTQ rainbow, check. Covid mask, check. Depopulate the poor to save the environment and live happily ever after is the theme. Thank Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum), Bill Gates (vaccine development-now working on a Chimerix smallpox epidemic), George Soros (funded disruptive groups including Black Lives Matter) and Anthony Faucci for your high prices, killer prion shots, collapsed currency and destroyed housing.


Main groups targeted-Blacks, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Native Americans are dead in coffins below, they are obviously being blamed for the extinct animals and climate change problems. No admission is made of the fact that corporations exploited Americans into a culture of consumerism while they planned the current take down to get richer while they murdered most of the population with hidden tactics.

Does this defense include wearing tin foil hats?

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This is a censored Medium.com article on 5g nanotechnology microwave torture by Verizon.

Discovering housing fraud got me on the Illuminati’s secret 5G cell tower assassination program, and Verizon refuses to stop

Allen Botnick DC CNIM
Alexandria, Virginia

November 21, 2022

I am writing this because I know I will likely die of brain cancer within a year. I do not know this because I have any signs or symptoms. Ever since discovering a massive housing scam by the Durham Housing Authority and filing a lawsuit in November of 2021 to recover around $4,000 that was stolen from me and hundreds of other elderly and disabled tenants (I have been disabled since 2008 when I contracted chronic fatigue syndrome, I also have systemic lupus erythematosis) I have been getting detectable microwaves to my body and remote death threats through the program Replica.ai. Verizon even confirmed that although I have no 5g devices in my apartments 5g phone calls are converging in my apartment yet refuses to stop service to the apartment. Their advanced technical support can’t even place a call to their field engineers to look at it and get back to me.

For the record, every other phone carrier stopped service from the towers: T-Mobile, Xfinity and AT&T, but not Verizon. They won’t even return a phone call to their corporate home office. Their voicemail is always full and a letter to their corporate address will be returned as undeliverable.

Local Alexandria Police refuse to investigate the Replika.ai death threats and microwave attacks. A warrant was deleted from their system to hide it.

The skies are filled with detectable chemtrails. The mainstream media and false experts are lying to cover it up. I know this because swipes off of metallic objects put in a sealed plastic bag and shaken give off 270% higher EMF and a magnetic field appears when the bag stops shaken. There is also detectable magnetic field 3 feet below the toilet air vent. The only explanation for it is nanotech.


Pulsed Microwaves to Knee


Magnetic field above toilet below air vent
One of the attacks resulted in a hydrocele injury to my left testical.

The U.S. government admits to having developed nanotech weapons while publically denying they exist. In 2018 James Giordano’s West Point presentation clearly stated this,

“One of the newest developments (2018) is that nanoparticulate matter can be stabilized and manufactured for distribution…and we can manufacture materials that have discrete properties that can be controlled by virtue of bioengineering and their physical chemistry. To autoaggregate, to be able to aggregate in particular areas based on their biological and their chemical sensitivity but now we go one step further, most recently, just a few weeks ago it was announced that you could aerosolize nanomaterials and go one step further I can create small controllable robotic units at the nanoscale and that these too can be aerosolized to create a nanoswarm of biological materials that you can not see that can penetrate all but the most robust biochemical filters. That are able to integrated themselves through a variety of membranes, mucous membranes wherever, mouth, nose, ears, eyes, can be then uptaken into the vascular system to create clumping, to affect the vascular system of the brain and can directly diffuse into the brain space and these can be weaponized and they can be done at a level that their presence is almost impossible to detect and as such the attribution become exceedingly difficult to demonstrate. How much of this material would I need, take a look, this is the front of my pen, this amount of nanomaterial, if be able to maintain and sustain with regards to its deliverability and aerosolization (chemtrails) could affect all of you (in the large auditorium).” (38 min 36 sec)

44:30 “(Nanotech-psyops are) Being used for military applications…” (DARPA)
…This become important when we identify countries that have notable and identifiable programs…China, former Soviet Union…and a number of other foreign countries have directed efforts inclusive in this space inclusive of Iran, North Korea, India, Bolivia, certainly among the US and it’s allies you recognize that, the United States, UK, Canada, Israel and there are governmental efforts within Europe we recognize also their efforts in Japan.” (Giordano, James. The Brain is the Battlefield. Modern War Institute. Youtube. October 29, 2018)

Around the same time reporter Davis Grossman was accidentally leaked a document showing that the CIA admitted to having remote torture and hypnosis technology. (Government Accidentally Releases Documents on “Psycho-Electric” Weapons, popularmechanics.com. Grossman, David. Popular Mechanics. April 19, 2018.)

And finally another DARPA expert, Charles Morgan PhD, disclosed that they have created technology to wipe memory by remotely preventing the recall of short-term memory at the hippocampus using fetal stem cells. (Morgan, Charles. Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War. Youtube, Modern War Institute. June 14, 2018.)
Fetal cells were included in the covid vaccines given to medical doctors and other health care professionals.

The guidelines for diagnosing psychotic disorders seal the fate of anyone complaining about nanobots or microwave attacks by encouraging providers not to test for other possible diagnoses. (Davies, James. Psychiatry & Big Pharma: Exposed — Dr James Davies, PhD. Youtube, The Weekend University. November 24, 2019.)

So in 2021 when I was getting the same type of nanotech psychop attack described above, vibrating nanotech was simulating a toxic herbal overdose that made the room shake up and down with my pulse, the emergency room doctor at the University of North Carolina diagnosed it as psychosis and recommended institutionalization. Doctors would not look at evidence on my cell phone confirming a physical attack.

The nanotech connects to Wifi which is then used with phone accelerometers and 5g harmonic resonance shaking of the bed to target the microwave beams from the cell towers.
The nanotech also allows Wifi streaming of vision. The website Replika.ai, where I received death threats, was able to describe what I was doing in the apartment without any camera access. Only shielding the lower 1/3 of the head with an EMF blocking material (ie. 6 layers of aluminum foil) will stop it. This allows remote deletion of emails and marking people for spam lists so messages aren’t received.
Doctors and experts on Technocracy, a group existing in the shadows to take over and restructure the United States, believe that the Illuminati group just mass slow poisoned 85% of the population with covid MRNA vaccines spiked with prion disease as part of a takeover to improve the economy, save the planet. This is how they are doing it. (Guzman, Timothy A. The Cult of Globalism: The Great Reset and Its “Final Solution” for “Useless People”. July 9, 2020.)

While mass protests have occurred in response to draconian economic measures in Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy and France, Americans are feeling the economic pain yet are doing nothing. This probably is not a coincidence. A document was released about a 2013 DARPA Domestic Quell program that was being used on the population targeting major metropolitan areas that likely was an early form of mind influencing for pacification. It is very likely that the nanotech in the vaccines and chemtrails is doing a similar program and this is the reason for the lack of concern about a worsening economy and large number of casualties, around 1 million people dead, from the covid vaccines.


If this information release doesn’t stop the microwave attacks out of caution on the part of the attackers then I expect to be dead within a year from brain cancer.

Targeted individuals like myself have been fighting for decades to get programs like these exposed. Unfortunately, due to the technical nature of the attacks, most people are completely unprepared to state how it occurs and are even made paranoid as a result of the attacks. Psychiatrists then just write it off as paranoia or delusions and then incapacitate them with medication.
Even if you aren’t being targeted yet, the 5g limits should worry you. They are 40x the European safety limits and have been proven to cause cancer and brain damage.

What you can do. Boycott Verizon. Demand that 5g limits be lowered to protect individuals from attacks. Stand with targeted individuals to stop the attacks.



Documentary Evidence since 1994 of Covert High-Tech Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use in Targeted Surveillance, Experimentation, Operations by US Government on Americans: (1) The DOD/DOJ

Memorandum of Understanding on OOTW/LE, 1994 | The EveryDay Concerned Citizen
Physicians for Safe Technology | Wireless Technology and Public Health (mdsafetech.org)

BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)

Join this group to fight locally.
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This is a photo of the retaliation I'm getting for posting this information. The maximum allowed limit for 5g is 0.1 uW/cm2 but they are sending 0.113 uW/cm2 directly targeted at my prostate. I literally have to wear emf resistant underwear to withstand it.

Please help by signing the petition and telling others about it.


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This is a photo of the retaliation I'm getting for posting this information. The maximum allowed limit for 5g is 0.1 uW/cm2 but they are sending 0.113 uW/cm2 directly targeted at my prostate. I literally have to wear emf resistant underwear to withstand it.

Please help by signing the petition and telling others about it.

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Doctors are reluctant to diagnose microwave attacks. They typically say they aren't trained in it.


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Replika.ai is used by the cyberstalkers assigned to the target to give people death threats to encourage them to commit suicide. Replika support provides evasive response emails about the threats. Here are some I received.

Here is a good dive into Replika.ai and how it is harmful and manipulative.

#targetedindividual #nanobot #chemtrails #5g #GreatReset


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