POTS Inexplicably Improves After Topical DMSO Applications

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    I started regularly using DMSO (a liquid, therapeutic compound derived from trees) earlier this year, which has led to making some notable health discoveries for myself. I initially used it (minimally) to apply topically to a shingles outbreak—which lasted several weeks (helped only modestly). I then came down with the worst chest cold, and could hardly stop coughing for several weeks. Applying DMSO on my chest helped "somewhat" get me through that episode.

    I then began to experience serious lower back pain, and so started to apply DMSO topically to it 2-3 times per day—in far greater quantities than I had used previously. I got almost immediate pain relief from using DMSO, but within about 2-3 days, I began to wake up in the morning feeling much better, and much less encumbered by a deep, dark fog.

    This fog could manifest in many ways, including depression, anxiety, despair, etc. I've long attributed this to toxins building up in my system during the night, and have long used morning coffee enemas to pull me out of this funk—which work quite miraculously for me. But my recent experiences with DMSO are giving me some new insights.

    At almost the same time I began feeling better in the mornings, I began to notice an increased energy as well after applying my morning DMSO application. So I began–almost miraculously for me–to take morning walks. It normally takes me until evening time to pull myself together to do a meaningful walk.

    Both of these developments were pretty stunning and obvious. But the next development was initially less obvious—though no less significant. I noticed my POTS had improved significantly! POTS has been so debilitating for me, that I’ve long felt that if I could ever figure out the POTS thing, it might prove to be the key to resolving my ME/CFS.

    Just a couple days ago, I visited my Osteopath. He had in the past measured my blood pressure while I was lying down, and then immediately upon rising. My blood pressure would plummet about 20 points almost immediately. So after I told him about my POTS improvement, we did the same thing. This time, my blood pressure remained the same.

    So, within days of liberally applying DMSO topically, I began to 1) wake up feeling much better, 2) noticed much better energy, and 3) noticed my POTS had improved significantly.

    So I began to research DMSO more thoroughly online. One thing I discovered was that DMSO has the ability move GABA across the blood brain barrier—something it normally has a hard time doing. I had tried GABA in the past, and found its benefits to be modest at best. But since I was already doing the DMSO daily, I decided to try GABA again. To my delight, it has really made a notable difference in my quality of sleep. I’ve since learned GABA is not only an important calming neurotransmitter, but that it apparently significantly stimulates human growth hormone (HGH), something I've long felt I was probably low on.

    There’s quite a bit more to share about my experiences with DMSO and the research I’m doing, but I think this initial post is already long enough. For perspective, I’ve for years been at a functional level of about 3 or so. Though what I’ve written might indicate I’m now much higher on that scale, I can’t really say I’m more functional than perhaps a 3-4 at this time. I still have significant cognitive dysfunction, and often incapacitating sensory processing disorder, and most likely significant mitochondrial dysfunction.

    In my next post, I’ll try to give some specifics on my own thinking of why I’ve been able to improve as I have, and why I think these improvements may only be the start of even more significant improvements. A lot of my thinking centers around two important characteristics of DMSO: — Improves Circulation, Reduces Inflammation.


    P.S. I bought a pint of DMSO from a place called the dmsostore.com. Here’s a LINK to a gallon size at eBay, which is what I plan to order next ($36.95). Much better value than the pint size. I looked around quite a bit, and this seemed to be the best value, for price and purity.

    The 99.995% purity is important, as it greatly reduces the garlic odor associated with DMSO. Also, I’d read online never to buy DMSO in plastic, but I’ve seen other references where it says it depends on the plastic. I contacted the dmsostore, and they assured me they test to see if any residue has showed up in their DMSO, and it hasn’t. They do however sell it in glass containers as well, but is about $20 more per gallon. Shipping things in glass requires lots of special handling.
    Also, regarding the purity. The DMS part of DMSO is what gives DMSO its garlicy odor, and is the same substance that gives garlic and onions their pungent odor. The ultra pure removes virtually all of this DMS. I had bought a bottle of DMSO several years ago, and the new ultra-pure is FAR superior to the older, less pure stuff.​
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    I really like DMSO. I grew up using it on my horses' legs to take out the soreness and it worked really well.

    I have used it on and off on myself with more mixed results though.

    My major area of pain is my neck and left shoulder. I applied the DMSO one day and developed a terrible blistering rash that was very painful and took several days to resolve.

    Since that time, I've found that I can apply DMSO ok just about any strength below my waist but can barely tolerate it in any dilution above.

    It was kind of a bummer because I know many people get significant instant pain relief from it. Unfortunately I'm just not one of them. :(
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    I remember asking about DMSO on PR before my untimely demise. I hope you go into more detail about how much you use, when etc. Or did I miss that?

    @Veet this thread might interest you.
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    Hi Remy,

    Wow, sounds pretty painful. I was very sensitive to DMSO when I first started, experiencing various kinds of somewhat painful "prickling" sensations. This apparently is not an unusual experience, but I read these reactions lessen with continuous use, which was the case for me. One thing that helped immensely was applying coconut oil immediately afterwards, which would take virtually all of the prickling away. I think switching to an ultra-pure brand of DMSO also helped.

    Interestingly, I started applying magnesium oil to my skin on a daily basis prior to starting the DMSO, and it has similar prickling sensations to the DMSO. I now combine the DMSO and the magnesium oil, and find they work really well together for any kind of muscle pain or stiffness. They both work well by themselves, but together they make quite a potent combination. Also, my skin has adapted so well to it, I don't need to use any coconut oil, and experience very little prickling afterwards.

    I now apply this combination liberally over my whole body, currently focusing on my lower back and head and neck area. It's helped some carpal tunnel symptoms as well. One thing that DMSO has been documented to do, and for which it is used by conventional medicine, is to reduce intracranial pressure. It has proven to truly be a life saver for many who've suffered traumatic brain injury.

    I think this reduction of intracranial pressure is a likely reason I've gotten some of the improvements I have so far. I'll be expounding more about this in one of my "Reserved" posts above. Also, I've come to believe applying DMSO on the back of my neck, which again, increases circulation and reduces inflammation, stimulates the vagus nerve, which can have so many benefits. Possibly including ANS and/or POTS improvements?
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    That's great Wayne. Congratulations - looking forward to hearing more. DMSO is something I've heard of for years but don't know much about.

    I wonder what the POTS connection could be? I would if @Issie would have an idea.

    POTS really is a multiform illness - it appears it can be caused in quite few ways. I'm in touch with someone whose POTS improved greatly while she was taking Rituximab for cancer - which makes sense according to Fluge and Mella - but who else would have Rituximab on their list of treatments for POTS?

    It's a mysterious world - but it all makes sense somehow. How long have you been using DMSO now?
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    How funny - someone who does not have ME/CFS just highly recommended magnesium oil to me. They said it helped greatly with recovery from exercise. I tried too much at first and got nauseous - which is becoming an increasingly common symptom for me (unfortunately).

    That's great to hear about intracranial pressure - since its pretty clear that it is increased in me and probably many other people. Check out a blog on it below.

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  10. Remy

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    I like the Ease brand vastly more than Ancient Minerals or the other oils. Ease is water based and pretty much irritation free plus it soaks in fast.
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    Thanks. It seems like a really good way to get magnesium in..
  12. Cort

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    Here's what Wayne posted in a Health Rising blog - it's similar to what he posted on here but there may be a few new things

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    I'm not real sure how it connects unless it may be that it is killing some pathogen that could be contributing to the POTS. Lyme disease can cause POTS. And DMSO has been used to help with Lyme. It helps inflammation and is a good carrier of things into the cells. Used with magnesium oil could help it carry it in even better. I know DMSO is used on animals that get injured. It helps inflammation and healing.

    Another little tidbit I recently ran across - they are finding that Claritin the H1 blocker is helping to kill Lyme too.

    However, for those with a CBS mutation might not be the best idea - unless you have your cycles cleared and working well. It is a type of sulfur. It may be okay and helpful for those who do really well with sulfur. I had bought some and then got my methylation report figured out and was afraid to try it.

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    They actually studied desloratadine...Clarinex, not Claritin. And the dose is equivalent to 400mg/day which is far above the normal dose of 5-10 mg. So the theory of the manganese transporter mechanism is exciting but Claritin won't cure your Lyme.

    I think we pretty much debunked the study that underlies the CBS mutation on PR.
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    Prickling is one thing. I had all out burning and fluid filled blisters. I suggest if anyone thinks the reaction is too strong to wash it off rather than just let it blister like I did.

    I used the DMSO I've always used on the horses. Maybe it isn't pure enough. I'll put it in the fridge and check it out now that the memories are fading enough to potentially try again. :)
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    I have CBS mutation and have never had a problem with sulfur before or after treating it with molybdenum. I imagine it makes a difference if the mutation is expressing itself.
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    What I read said Claritin.

    I don't regularly read PR. Don't know what you talked about over there. Bunch of people thinking they know everything and trying to see who can out talk one another. We're not in a race trying to be smarter than someone else or trying to flex our muscles to see who knows more......we should be trying to help one another without being a bully or a know it all. Everyone is in a different phase of learning and knowledge and NO one knows it all. There are ways to have discussions of differences of opinion without trying to out shine someone else. And PR people seem to not have the skill. (Sorry Cort, I know it was your baby. I never joined over there.)

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    Hmmmm, good to know. Mine is still not quit there yet to try. Still have issues with my pathways.

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    Yes, most of the media got it wrong. If you go to the study, it's clear that they used desloratadine, not loratadine.

    The CBS mutations basically aren't supported by any science. I wouldn't put any stock in people who prescribe treatments based on C699T. It may well turn out to be protective.
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    Thanks Cort for the congrats. DMSO definitely feels like it's becoming a game changer for me. When I get up in the morning and see the bottle of it on my bathroom counter, I feel grateful and have HOPE, something that's been in short supply the past couple of years. The way I see it, the various ways to experiment with and use DMSO is only limited by our imagination, especially with its ability to be a carrier of other substances into our bodies.

    Re: Magnesium Oil. Bryan Rosner, who cured himself of Lyme and has written several books on treating Lyme (and who I have a high regard for), just wrote a really good article on magnesium and magnesium oil entitled:

    July Supplement of the Month: Magnesium Oil (Old Topic, New Protocol) by BRYAN on JULY 10, 2016

    This is his beginning note:

    (Note: Many of you, and myself as well, have used magnesium supplements. However, personally, I started achieving incredible results when I stopped using regular magnesium supplements and started following the below protocol. So, even if you’ve taken magnesium in the past, keep reading, this is important).

    There was also a thread over at PR started by Sherpa that I thought was very good, whose first post read as follows. His illustrated guide offers good insights and details


    I've made it a priority since late last year to apply magnesium oil virtually every day to my skin, and have definitely experienced some of its calming effects as a result. Rule of Thumb: If you have a sore or stiff tissue or muscle, apply magnesium oil. Can be pretty amazing how quickly a person can get relief.

    I've come to believe that treating Lyme (which I have) while dealing with a magnesium deficiency can not only be relatively futile, but perhaps even dangerous. I read the same thing about iodine from a testimonial a few years ago. A guy with Lyme absolutely couldn't tolerate the dieoff reactions from doing Lyme treatment until he raised his deficient iodine levels.
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